Buying A Lemon? The Complete Used Vehicle Pre-Purchase Inspection Checklist

How is buying a used car like visiting a brothel? In the end, you’re pretty certain you’ll get screwed!

When it comes to uncertainty, there is nothing that can be more uncertain than attempting to buy a used vehicle. Sure you can get the car-fax report, the salesperson can seem trustworthy, and the vehicle can even look and drive great… for now at least. But in the end, you have very few reliable ways to determine what, if anything, is wrong with the used vehicle you are considering purchasing.

You have to remember that people are clever, often too clever for their own good. Does the vehicle grind when changing gears before it’s warmed up? Well before showing a potential buyer a vehicle, how about warming it up to avoid the noise. Is that a new bumper? No, it’s just spray painted black so it looks new, and will eventually wear off and fade. Is the suspension going out? No, at least it’s not noticeable if you avoid driving over bumps.

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