5 Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing a Used Car

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1) Why buying used car is an effective way to save?
2) What are the mistakes that one can make while shopping for a used vehicle?
3) Why should you avoid limiting your options to just one model car?
4) How to buy a used car?
5) Why a mechanic should look over the vehicle before you sign any paperwork?

Used is the way to go in today’s unstable economic climate. A used car gives consumers a chance to buy a better model then they would get new for less money. New Jersey residents can appreciate an upgrade in riding style that costs less. Used cars for sale in New Jersey offer value, reliability and comfort as long as you shop smart. Consider five mistakes that one can make while shopping for a used vehicle.

It is all in the History

With the Internet, there is no excuse for not checking the history of the vehicle. It pinpoints the service information and inspection details. A seller may not tell you the engine is rebuilt, but the history might.

The Pre-Purchase Inspection

Ideally, a mechanic should look over the vehicle before you sign any paperwork. That can save money on potential repair bills. If you are unable to get the car examined by a professional, check under it for oil and then pop the hood to look for cracks, sludge around the oil cap and old, dry belts. Look for stickers noting the date of last service.

Trade-In Values are Going Up

Don’t underestimate the value of a trade-in, especially if the vehicle is fuel-efficient. Before shopping for a car, look up the trade-in value of your current model. This will give you an idea of the market. Take the car to a few dealerships to see what they offer even if that is not where you are going to buy.

It is Okay to Fall in Love But …

Avoid limiting your options to just one model car. Make a list of second and third choices just in case your dream car isn’t a workable deal. This will keep you from buying a substandard vehicle just to own that model.

Less is More

Don’t ever believe the price on the windshield or listed in the ad. It is a buyer’s market. Research is the key to not overpaying. Compare the listed price with other cars the same model and year to see if it is inflated. If the seller refuses to negotiate the price, there will be another deal right around the corner. Don’t rush into the purchase without doing your homework. There are tons of used cars for sale in NJ, look around to get the best price.

One mistake when shopping for a car can mean hundreds of dollars. Buying used is an effective way to save, but not if you buy someone else’s problem. The right deal is out there just waiting, so take the time to avoid common mistakes when shopping for your used vehicle.

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