British Gas Prices – A Step too Far?

British Gas, one of the largest utility companies in the UK and perhaps the most well-known is regularly increasing their prices which never seems fair to the consumer.

There are many reasons given for the price increase but it is usually because the wholesale gas prices have risen. However, the wholesale gas price fluctuates on a regular basis, and British Gas never drops their prices when the wholesale gas price drops, so how is that fair? Many people believe it is not.

Massive Profits

What makes the price rises harder to swallow is the fact that British Gas is regularly announcing massive profits. It is heart-breaking to know that people are scared to use their heating in the winter as utility bills are so high, but companies such as British Gas are making millions of pounds in profit each day.

The tariffs are readily available on the British Gas website, so you can see how much you will be charged if you use their service, and the good news is, there is more than one utility company to choose from, all of whom offer different rates. It is possible to shop around for a great deal.

The downside to this is whatever company you choose to supply your gas, they are still making a massive profit, so sometimes it is easier to stay with the most well-known company for assured reliability and service.


British Gas is actually a good company to use for your domestic utility service. You can have both your gas and electric with the one company which makes paying bills easier, it is one simple payment. It is also easier when there is a problem. You have the one number to call, generally to a call centre, where the trained staff will take your query and deal with it appropriately.

From a home safety perspective, British Gas only use their own technicians so you know when you need an engineer to come to your home, they will have British Gas credentials, they will arrive in a British Gas vehicle, they will not enter your home without showing you their identification and best of all they are fully trained in their field so should be able to sort out your issues quickly and easily.

No matter what level of service you receive, British Gas prices will still be a concern for many people, especiually when every other large utility company has the same high standards of customer service.


You can save money by choosing the dual fuel option, where you have both your gas and electricity through British Gas. You can also save money by paying by direct debit straight from your bank account each month. Many companies now offer a discount to direct debit paying customers as it helps to reduce processing and administration costs.

Those with prepaid gas and electricity meters tend to pay slightly higher tariffs than those who receive quarterly billing. However many people consider the extra few pounds per month preferable over receiving a shock large bill each quart as they have been unable to monitor their usage correctly. Those who are looking to save money should consider changing their prepaid meter to a standard credit meter but only if they feel they can budget correctly to cover the bill when it arrives.


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Phil Turner lives in Ireland so British Gas prices do not affect him directly but when he reads on sites like this one about the winter price rises he has to agree that British Gas is at the very least cynical in their timing of the price rises.

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