Birth Stones 101

When it comes to gemstones, the mainstream folks who are not really into the industry of fashion and jewelry look at them as birthstones. Birthstones are gems that symbolize a given month of the year, dating back all the way to the first century. Folks look at these birthstones as good luck charms and is said to be filled with magical energy. Chinese fengshui experts also suggest folks to wear birthstones to ward off diseases and bad events in someone’s life. The more skeptical folks, however, say that these myths and legends are nothing short but marketing strategies made by miners back in the day. Regardless, no one can argue that these stones are quite beautiful, and that they will make an excellent addition to your jewelry collections. Let’s take a look at this awesome Infographic made by regarding different Birthstones and what do these stones actually stand for. Enjoy!

Source: Brilliance Birthstones Guide 


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