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One particular brand of car sells around 8 ½ million cars each year. It just one car brand and to think of it, there are more than a dozen car brands in the market today. Now the question is this, where will we park them all? The streets are not getting any bigger and some cities grow slower than the sales rate of new vehicles and still, more cars are going out of the assembly line. Most cities battle congestion everyday and giving a 2hour allowance leaving for work and precious minutes are lost in finding a parking space.  Often times, I think of working in an office near my address because too much time is wasted on traffic and parking.

Presently there are so many parking solutions available. For example in my office there is an automated parking system – cars are stacked one of top of the other on several levels which saves me some precious minutes compared to traditional parking spaces. At home, I have a garage turntable installed because I have a limited parking space and backing up on traffic is not only a hassle but also dangerous. There is no way to do a three point turn in such a tight space. Parking your car safely is a necessity and will save you money for paint restorations.

Parking solutions such as the garage turntable is a creative and innovative method of maximizing one’s parking space. The good thing about the turntable is it’s created here in Australia using the strongest and highest quality materials available. The car park solutions provider explained everything about the garage turntable before installing it in my property. It can be customized, meaning the platform can be matched with the look and material of my garage floor. Car turntables can be manually motored or automatically motored. The motor itself is made of heavy duty materials. If you need a more substantial garage turntable, you can do custom ordering with your chosen provider.

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As I see it, there many advantages of having parking solutions like the garage turntable. First, it will give you more room. Second, it protects your car from random hits from the other vehicles that you may have or possibly hit corners when parking your car properly at home. Third, it saves time, space. Third, it’s safer and will reduce possible accidents around kids. Fourth, it can add prestige and value to our property in case we decided to move and sell the house. Fifth, maintenance is not complicated, just put the much needed grease on the contact points and that’s it. Also try to check on the electrical and possible wear and tear on some moving parts. Lastly, it’s one of the very best parking solutions for older people because as we know their necks are not that agile for backing up their cars as they used to thus it will give them physical comfort and ease of parking.

I can attest to its usefulness because one thing, my wife likes it a lot. She can park decently but she can have a hard time doing it in tight spaces just like our garage. She enjoys being in the car while the turntable is going around to the right direction. My dad has also tried it at our house and was really impressed and he has decided to install one in their garage. It will be very useful for his prized vintage Mustang.

John Davies is a Real Estate broker and enjoys going it out with his family and friends. He’s a father to two kids and attests to the parking solutions that have come out of the market. He has installed one in his house and enjoys the ease of car parking.

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