Assisted Living: The Help Is There When You Want It

When some people think of Assisted Living it’s often confused with a nursing home.  Here’s the thing, it’s a far cry from a nursing home.  Assisted living gives seniors the freedom to continue to live their life and do what you want to do.  It truly is the best of both worlds. Seniors can have the freedom they want but the help when they need it or want it. Everyone knows it’s hard to ask for help especially for when it is for something that used to come easily.  That’s why assisted living and senior living communities stress that seniors can still live their normal life, they keep the assistance in the background and do not have extensive medical treatment options.


Who needs assistance living?

Many assisted living communities are designed as a regular apartment in a community, where seniors can continue their life as they want it. They are meant for seniors who are starting to see a slight decline in their health.  Maybe they are having a little more difficulty moving from place to place, their strength maybe a little less than what it used to be.  But they don’t need constant care.

Senior Living can be fun

The best part of an assisted living community is exactly that – it’s a community.  Social activities are priority in many senior living communities.  After all, a social life is a happy life and it’s important that seniors grow friendships.  Many communities serve 3 meals a day in a common eating area, they have libraries, game rooms, and even common rooms for movies.  Senior communities are often on large campuses so that walking and exercising can be done easily.

Don’t Forget About the Pets

As anyone knows a pet can play a special part in a person’s life. This holds true for seniors; often their pet can be their best friend and only companion.  Most assisted living facilities recognize the need for this companionship and embrace pets.  They have areas so seniors can walk their pets and socialize with others.

Making the most of Both worlds

Although they may have a lot of freedom they still need help.  If it’s there than seniors should use the assistance when they need it, the main goal for a assisted living community is comfort.  They are just trying to make loved ones comfortable with the perfect blend of freedom through social activities, exercise and assistance.  That’s why for seniors assisted living is the best of both worlds.

This guest content provided by Bruce Zander on behalf of The Meadows, who proudly offers a brand new senior housing and assisted living campus in Castle Rock, Colorado.

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