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1) How running a busy laundrette can be extremely stressful?
2) What to do with the customers on the laundrette?
3) How old commercial laundry equipment literally eat space and electricity?
4) What will you need in creating a relaxing environment in laundrette?
5) Why does new commercial laundry equipment essential?

Running a busy laundrette can be extremely stressful. Things can become really hectic at peak times and although many laundrettes now have modern equipment, the space into which they are fitted leaves a little to be desired.

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Having enough free space has become something which many people in the UK now desire but rarely have and it’s this space which can be lacking in some laundrettes. The need to make the business viable by having enough machines, coupled with the number of persons and the overflowing laundry and you often don’t have enough room to sit down.

It’s fortunate that laundrettes have noticed this and are now doing everything they can to entice customers. It’s not enough to simply have somewhere to do the laundry. Customers now also want somewhere not only comfortable to sit but they want to sit in designer surroundings with coffee available and space to stretch out without falling over another person’s laundry.

Old commercial laundry equipment tended to be big and bulky, leaving little in the way of breathing space for crowded customers. This puts customers off and can affect your brand name. Even small shops struggle if they gain a bad name as it’s often the small high street stores who do especially well by having good ‘word-of-mouth’ reviews.

As well as being bulky, old commercial laundry equipment will eat electricity and will be nowhere near as efficient as their modern counterparts. And when you factor into this that modern equipment uses autodosing and is stackable, it’s easy to see how you can get a return in investment in a short time period. The extra space new commercial laundry equipment will give you coupled with a better customer environment and less likelihood for spillages of detergent makes the acquisition of new commercial laundry equipment a must for every laundrette owner.

Old washers and driers literally eat space and electricity and because they outperform the older models in terms of their short cycle length and ease of use, it won’t be long before the ‘word-of-mouth’ in your area starts to get you positive reviews. Just think how many coffee shops are springing up in every town and city… people are drawn to relaxing environments where they can sit and read or talk to friends. If you create this environment in your laundrette you’re instantly onto a winner, all you need is new commercial laundry equipment and perhaps a new coffee machine.

Article written by Robert Sevigny, laundrette proprietor who uses commercial laundry equipment in all his business premises.

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