The Benefits Of A Plumbed Water Cooler

A water cooler or dispenser is a device that cools and dispenses water. When the word water cooler is mentioned most people automatically assume it is the classis bottled water cooler. A plumbed water cooler works in the exact same way as a bottled water cooler, except instead of using pre-filtered water from a large bottle; it is connected directly to the buildings main water supply.

A bottleless water cooler has three major advantageous:

First – The Health Benefits

Let us begin with the health benefits of owning a water cooler. A water cooler filters and purifies water, therefore removing chlorine and other chemicals. This process ensures that water means a general standard of safety, a level that is considered safe to drink.

However, we all know that cleaning water leaves chemicals in the water. A water cooler filters and purifies the water further, ensuring that all traces of the chemicals are removed. This means that you and your staff are able to drink clean water.

As we all know the average person needs to drink eight glasses of water a day. Otherwise you become dehydrated and this causes a loss in concentration, less productivity and an increase of sick days. Common symptoms of dehydration are headaches, nausea, flu, fatigue and having stiff muscles. Your body is 76 percent water and therefore, needs water to ensure you are able to perform at your best.


Second – A Reduction In Your Carbon Footprint

A bottleless water cooler is cheap and easy to install. In addition to this, buying and replacing bottled water can be rather expensive. Buying new bottles all the time is expensive, because not only are you paying for the bottles of water, but also the transportation costs.

Furthermore, water consumption varies depending on the season. Summer is generally hotter and water consumption will most likely increase. This means you also save on the additional water cooler bottles you would have had to pre-order.

Three – Save Money

Bottleless water coolers are cheap and easy to install. In addition to this, you do not need to buy replacement bottles on a daily basis. Plumbed water coolers use the water source of the building, filtering and purifying the water and you run the water through the tap.

If you are considering purchasing a water cooler for your office, look no further. A plumbed water cooler is your best option. It will save you money, ensure your water is purified and allow you to focus on your work and not always having to watch the water levels for ordering purposes.

I am Greg Jones, a sports enthusiast and food lover. This article was written for a water coolers London company on plumbed water coolers.

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