Samsung 3-D Televisions-What to Look for When Buying

There are many different types of Samsung TV, the latest being 3-D models. Below are some ideas for what to look for in the latest 3-D televisions by the company.

The Vizio XVT features a 1080p, 480Hz TruLED is one of the latest 3-D televisions produced by Samsung. The television has remarkably good picture quality and all the latest features you would want in a TV. The picture quality is extremely clear and bright, with blacks and whites being at the proper colour temperature. The TV is fantastic for watching movies, especially at the highest quality, like Blu-ray.


When the TVs first appeared, they were extremely expensive. Now the prices have come down dramatically, making them not that much more expensive than current LED TVs. Obviously, the added advantage with 3-D TVs, is the 3-D picture quality, so bear this in mind when you are buying your next TV set. For just a little more, you can have the added benefits of 3-D on your telly, which were great for things like sport and 3-D optimised films.
3-D TV or LED?

The 3-D TVs are built similar to the LED specs. An LED TV will consume far less power than an LCD TV or plasma. They also should be much more reliable and last much longer than the old plasma TVs. The added advantage is the picture quality. Older style flatscreen TVs sometimes suffered from pixelating, especially in the cheaper models. The screen technology is also catching up to what would have cost you thousands only a year or two ago.

The competition is quite strong for TV deals online, so shop around online and see which electrical appliance outlets are offering deals off 3-D TVs. Depending on the features you want, you should be able to find a great deal online. You don’t have to have all the latest features in a 3-D TV to benefit from the 3-D experience. With other makes, you may be paying for functionality that you will rarely need or use. Make sure you read all the specifications for each model to see if you are just being charged a small extras.

Another thing to consider when buying a new 3-D TV is the sound system you will be using with it. You can use the on-board sound with any TV, but it is recommended to get an external surround system, to get the most from your viewing experience. The latest TVs will use an HDMI cable to hook up to a surround sound system. We recommend you buying a separate surround sound system from a well-known manufacturer, rather than one that is bundled with your TV. Like the TV itself, you don’t have to buy the most expensive model to get very good sound. Some of your sound quality can be simply down to where you position your speakers within the room.
The 3-D experience is nothing like what it was 20 or 30 years ago. Today’s 3-D technology is far more mature and advanced than it is ever been. You will still need the 3-D glasses, but the amount of content you can view in 3-D these days is far more than it has ever been. So you can be safe in the fact that 3-D will last quite a long time.

The 3-D TV you will buy today, will possibly have Wi-Fi connections built it, free view and a far higher refresh rate than most budget TVs. This is one aspect that is a major benefit of 3-D televisions currently being produced, especially by Samsung. The refresh rate of the TV can make the difference between the picture looking amateurish or as professional as possible. Ideally buy a TV with a screen refresh rate of 100 Hz.
When the first 3-D TVs came out, it was really only the rich who buy one, on the off chance. Everyone else waited for a decent amount of content to be made available before they invested in a 3-D television. Rest assured, TV programmes, especially sports and most films, are being released in 3-D format these days. So if you buy a 3-D television today, you will know that you will have lots of entertainment to access.

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