How to Select a Great Kitchen Appliance

Shopping for new kitchen appliances can be a daunting experience. There are so many different styles and options to consider that it can be stressful trying to determine which features and functions you need and which ones you can live without.
Some people have specific needs for their kitchen appliances. Some people know what brand and what color, and some people have no idea where to even begin. But since all kitchen appliances are used for different purposes, you can’t pick all of them the same way.


Ovens are a staple to most kitchens, but it can also be one of the hardest appliances to choose. You have to know what type of oven is essential to your kitchen. If you do a great amount of baking, you may want to consider a convection oven, which bakes at lower temperatures, but it bakes more evenly. If you don’t bake often, you may not need this option.
You also need to decide if you need a slide in or a standard oven. Slide in ovens do not contain the back piece that sticks up on most ovens. Instead, it simply slides right up to the wall, and all of the controls are then found on the front.
Ovens can also come in the form of your standard oven and stovetop, or you may want to opt for a wall oven (or even a double oven). Before you can purchase an oven, you need to know where you will be putting it as well as how often you plan on using it.

Refrigerators are the next big appliance you will purchase, and like ovens, these also come in many different styles with many different functions.
Before you can buy a fridge, you need to know how big of a fridge you can fit in your kitchen. Some are taller than others, and if you have cabinets above your fridge, you may not be able to go taller.
You also need to think about the depth. Many manufacturers are making counter-depth fridges, meaning that the fridge will run along the countertops and not stick out as most fridges tend to do. While this design creates a seamless look, counter-depth fridges do not hold as much as regular fridges.
You also need to decide what type of style is best for you. Do you want the normal fridge on bottom, freezer on top? Or do you want the double doors or the freezer on the bottom?
Some fridges also have the water spout and ice maker built in, which is extremely beneficial to some people. Others have a third pull out drawer between the fridge and the freezer, which is good to store food for small kids or fresh fruits and veggies.

Dishwashers are another big purchase. Again, they come in many different styles, but the biggest thing you need to consider when purchasing a dishwasher is energy and water efficiency. Some dishwashers will use less energy than others, and some dishwashers have a scanner inside that reads how dirty your dishes are and washes them appropriately, which will save the amount of water you use.
The noise level on a dishwasher is also important. If your dishwasher is really loud, it could impact the time of day you run it. If your kitchen is close to your living area, you may want to opt for a quieter dishwasher.
The three biggest things to consider when purchasing any type of appliance is the brand, the color and the price. Try to stick with name brand appliances because they tend to last longer and usually come with a warranty. Color is also important, as you want all of your appliances to match. And, of course, price is important. Make sure to create a budget before you shop and stick with it. It will save you from a major financial headache.

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