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Aerospace engineering is concerned with the design, construction and the science of an aircraft. There are many things which are considered in aerospace engineering, as it is essential that the aircraft is safe to fly such a distance. Technology is continuing to develop all over the world for aerospace engineering, especially in the UK. It is important that this technology does continue to develop so that we are able to continue to discover more about space safely.

The UK has been responsible for many of the aerospace industry engineering, such as high strength polymer, carbon steel springs, and engineering ceramics. These are all essential parts of aerospace engineering, which have made a major difference to the aircraft itself. To continue to improve and develop technology, it is important that we have the time and money to invest in it.

Types of Aerospace Springs

The most common type of spring which is used in the aerospace industry is steel springs, which are usually made from steel alloys. The reason why this type of spring is most commonly used is because it works well with extremely high pressures. It is essential that springs can withstand pressures, as the tiniest fault can make situations extremely fatal. Another reason why steel springs are most often chosen over other types of springs is because it works well in areas with magnetisation, whereas with other springs this can cause problems in the system. When steel springs are exposed to high heat, they won’t change shape or become weak.

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Titanium springs are chosen to be put in lightweight aircrafts, this is because titanium springs is the most lightweight spring available. Even though titanium is extremely light, it is also very strong. To get titanium springs manufactured can be very expensive, this is why they are only chosen if they are needed to be put in a lightweight aircraft.

Copper and nickel springs are usually chose when the spring needs to be free from corrosion. These springs are resistant to outside elements, this can cause corrosion in other materials.

Quality Check Springs

To ensure that there are no faults with the springs, they are often put under a number of stringent tests, this will test the materials to confirm that they can with take the pressures of being in the flight. Different types of springs such as steel springs, are tested by putting them understand very hot temperatures and freezing cold temperatures, this is because they will  be exposed to such a variation of temperatures during the flight, so it is important that we know they can stand up to it during the flight.

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