Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Website Templates

Using a website template has many advantages and disadvantages, which are important to understand before you decide to buy any.

Using a premade website template or creating your own custom website design is always a matter of debate. A design is your website’s front-end, and therefore, must be able to successfully mirror the theme, professionalism, and image of your website. Both options have their own sets of pros and cons. Following are some important advantages and disadvantages of using website templates, which will make it easier for you to decide the option that you should choose.
Advantages of Using Website Templates:
There are numerous advantages of using website templates, depending upon one’s personal preferences and needs. This is why that the website templates have become so popular. Some of the most notable advantages are mentioned below:


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1.    Cost-Effective:
One of the biggest advantages of using a website template is that it is highly cost-effective. You can find a wide variety of templates that are totally free to download. Moreover, even the paid ones usually cost within $50-$200. On the other hand, if you decide to go for your own custom website template, it turns out to be a significantly expensive decision.
2.    Variety:
Another great benefit of using website templates is that you can find a huge range of different templates to choose from. You can see the preview of things in advance, which makes it easier for you to decide. Furthermore, almost every business now has different templates that are designed specifically for a certain category of websites.
3.    Saves Time:
Arguably, one of the most attractive features of templates is that they save a lot of time, when compared with a custom design. A template is set to be used, right out of the box. On the other hand, depending upon the complexity and technicalities involved, a custom design may take up months to be completely finished.
4.    Beautiful Looks:
The website templates are designed by highly professional web-designers. With such a low cost, and a wide variety of designs to choose from, you cannot get a better deal in terms of great-looking website templates. Even the same-looking design will cost you a lot more if you pay someone to create it for you.
Despite all the above-mentioned advantages, using website templates have several disadvantages as well, which must be understood.
1.    Limited Functionalities:
A website template is never designed to cater to your specific needs and demands. Therefore, you will have a lot of limited functionalities in a premade template. On the other hand, if you prefer to create your own custom design, you can add the functionalities as per your preferences and needs.
2.    No Uniqueness:
One of the biggest disadvantages of using a website template is that almost everyone is using them. If you want to go for the best possible option, you will probably look into the top 3 website templates available. Now, imagine how many people would have already applied the top 3 templates to their websites. In short, your website will look like the same as others, and will not be unique and original in its look, interface and functions.

3.   No Room for Creativity:
A premade template does not allow any room for creativity either. If you want to add some features, designs and imaginations in your website’s design, you will have to customize the template on your own, after paying the full cost of the template.
4.    Not Good for SEO:
Generally, good-looking templates have flashy designs and attractive looks. However, an important disadvantage is that they are not good for SEO. Search engines are still not able to cope with flashy websites, when compared with the static SEO friendly websites. Custom designs have a significant edge over premade website templates, when we talk about SEO.

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