A Sprung Floor is a Dancer’s Dream

Every dancer and dance spectator knows the rewards of this unique discipline.  For dancers, there is the feeling of accomplishment and the sheer joy of doing it.  For the spectators, there is the appreciation of fluid movement and creative expression.  For those who love dance, this magic is worth the work and sacrifice.

Portable Dance Floors

However, it would be foolish to sacrifice more than necessary.  For long-time dancers, the risks are damage to joints, ligaments and bones.  Dance is as rigorous as any other athletic activity, and it incurs many of the same injuries.  If there is any safety measure that can lessen these risks without compromising the quality of the dance, dancers should certainly use it.  A portable dance floor like those offered at online sites can do just that, decreasing the physical stress of dancing while possibly improving the performance.

Avoid Injury

A portable dance floor provides a surface suspended above the actual floor on closed cell foam blocks.  The surface is natural wood to give the sound dancers and spectators expect.  On such a resilient floor, dancers no longer have to hold back to avoid injury.  They can use their full strength for every move, and the landing never hurts.  The floor is slip-resistant urethane, and the resilience is uniform on all parts of the floor.  All the perennial issues of dance floors- their excessive hardness, slipperiness and inconsistency from one area to another- are eliminated.


The fact that these floors are portable allows them to be removed for other activities.  If the location is used for sports, the flooring requirements may vary for different events.  The resilience welcomed by dancers might be unexpected and unwelcome to a basketball team.  A portable dance floor can be set up or removed quickly and easily, permitting multiple uses for the location with only minimal difficulty.

When you order a floor from online sources, it arrives in panels for modular assembly.  Tongue and groove construction ensures that the panels form a continuous, firm surface.  The company will provide a professional installation crew if needed.

These dance floors are an answer to one of the main issues of touring dance troupes.  When a troupe goes to a new venue, they never know how the floor is going to be.  If it is more or less slippery than the floor they’re accustomed to, it could make dancing harder and increase the chance of injury.  Now a troupe can literally bring the floor they practiced on and set it up at every location.

With portable floors, different kinds of dance can have surfaces tailored to their style.  For tap dancers, there are percussive floors to emphasize that all-important sound.  For Irish step dancing, a floor with a slow speed urethane coating might be better.  For ballroom dancing, medium speed is better.  Now dancers never have to endure a surface that really isn’t right for their style.

Various Sizes

Smaller models are available for individual practice.  Much of the wear to bones and joints comes not from the performance itself, but from the long hours of practice leading up to it.  One- and two-person floors can minimize damage and decrease fatigue while providing a uniform surface.

The closed cells on which the floors are mounted are extremely durable and will last more than 20 years.  These foam blocks are spaced to prevent flexing, so one dancer’s landing will not influence the movement of the dancers around them.

Dancers are not the only people subject to these risks.  The floors at some online sites can be used in factories, workstations, ticket booths and anywhere else people are on their feet a lot.

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