A Comparison between Metal and Conventional Garages

One of the things that keep people from installing a metal garage is safety and protection reasons. After all, we’ve gotten used to wood or brick garages providing shelter for our vehicles that choosing something different not only makes us uneasy but skeptical as well. However, if you do some research, you will find out that a metal garage offers the best protection for your vehicles.

Protection against Harsh Weather Conditions

Metal garage provides the best protection against harsh weather conditions. This is because a metal garage is made from strong and very durable steel. It can withstand any weather condition, be it a snowstorm or a rainstorm. Aside from this, the foundation of a metal garage is anchored to a concrete foundation, helping it withstand strong winds. Its metal roof is also made from very durable material that it can easily bear the weight of accumulated snow during snowstorms.

Now, these are something that a wooden garage could not give you. Wooden garage, in extreme weather conditions, could easily collapse. In fact, its roof will not be able to hold an extreme amount of snow, and if you don’t shovel the snow off, it will easily buckle under the weight and bury your vehicle. It will cause you a small fortune to repair both the garage and your vehicle

Protection against Earthquakes

If you live in an earthquake-prone area, then it will be a very wise decision to invest in a metal garage. With each piece made from excellent quality materials and created to fit the other pieces perfectly, you can rest assured of the stability and strength of the structure against earthquakes.

Wood and brick garages can easily crumble during a strong earthquake, but metal garage will stay upright due to its strong materials and equally strong foundation.

Protection against Fire

Let’s say for example that your house caught fire. Now, if you have a wooden garage, then there’s a very high chance that the garage and all things in it, including your vehicle, will catch fire as well. However, this need not be the case with metal garages since they are fire resistant. Not only can it withstand extreme hot temperature, but it can also help protect your vehicle.

Protection against Pests

Pests are one of the things that most homes have. They can live just about anywhere, provided they have food source. If you have a wooden garage, then you can expect to have pests making it their home.

If you want a pest-free garage, then go for metal garage. Not only can they prevent pests like rodents from coming in, but they can also help prevent the development of mold and mildew infestation, which are very common to see in wooden and brick garages.

Protection against Car Thefts

Metal garage, just like conventional ones, can easily be outfitted with security alarm systems. However, one advantage metal garages have over the others is that, with the right provider, you can easily have your metal garage doors and windows customized for added protection and security of your vehicles. Good examples of these are secure locking doors as well as windows.

You can also go for an enclosed metal carport type. This type prevents anybody from peeping in, shielding your vehicles from prying eyes.


Jennifer Dalcour is a freelance writer writing for Coast to Coast Carports, Inc. She specializes in garage, home, as well as security articles.

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