5 Deadly Marine Creatures

The beach is a great place to spend your summer days, and the water is a great way to cool off while providing some great scenery. Below those deep blue waves lie millions of very interesting creatures. Some of them end up on land, such as jelly fish and crabs, and some you’ll never see with your naked eye.

Like creatures on land, you have those that are docile and fine to view or even pet, but you also have those that are deadly. The following are five deadly marine creatures.

1. Striped Surgeonfish

You may think that surgeons are supposed to save lives, but stripedsurgeonfish don’t have the same agenda. The neon coloring of the fish is attractive to look at, and these fish can be found in the Indo-Pacific reef. If you come across one, don’t start playing around with it. The striped surgeonfish can be deadly.

These fish have a spine in their tail that will start to point outwards when it becomes bent. Surgeonfish will use this weapon to cut its enemies when it feels as if it’s in danger. The sharpest point of the spine is said to be as sharp as a surgeon’s scalpel.

2. Barracudas

Barracudas are one of the most dangerous marine creatures out there. These animals are constantly on the hunt, and their skinny bodies allow them to race through the water at 25 mph. Barracudas have extremely sharp teeth, and when they come into contact with an animal they’re going to eat, they’ll shred their prey to pieces. Said to have been around for millions of years, the barracuda simply knows what they’re doing to still be here.

3. Moray Eel

Found around Kona, Hawaii, the morayeel is actually a beautifully colored animal. What makes this animal so vicious is that it has two sets of razor sharp teeth. The first set is found in the mouth, as normal, and the second set is found in the throat. This allows the eel to hold onto its prey with the first set of teeth and devour and digest the rest of it through its throat. By having these two sets of teeth, eels don’t have to limit themselves to small prey and can easily devour something of larger size.

4. Oyster Toadfish

This fish may be one ugly fellow, but it’s also one deadly one too. The oystertoadfish lives on the bottom of the ocean floor and is one of the best camouflaging fish. It has an extremely strong jaw and a great deal of sharp teeth that allows it to eat crabs, oysters, shrimp, shells and fish by crushing the shell and eating what’s inside.

Though vicious, the male oyster toadfish are also the ones who guard the nest while the babies are getting ready to hatch. They are also the ones who teach and provide for their young in the first few weeks of life.

5. Textile Cone Snail

ThetextileConeSnailis so toxic that it is actually one of the most toxic animals on the planet. These animals have lethal teeth, and they harpoon their prey with these teeth and inject them with deadly venom. They’re also so awful that if there are slim pickings on the food table, textile cone snails will eat their own kind.

So when you enter the waters of your favorite beaches, let’s hope you never come into contact with one of these five creatures.

Elijah Peterson lives in Miami and works with a travel agency.  He enjoys writing and writes for a Bahamas vacation resort as well as articles on traveling, surfing, and swimming.

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