Recycling Tips For Your Old T-Shirts

The introduction of urban culture brought in two significant elements; urban music and clothes. Music is easy to control and doesn’t create waste because of the digital transformation, but T-shirts do. It’s hard not to find at least couple of T-shirts in the homes of people in almost every part of the world. If you’re not giving up your T-shirts to the poor and needy because they’re just too old and worn out, chances are that you’ll be throwing them away in the trash. This is because you probably have no idea that you could actually recycle or reuse them. Well that’s all about to change as we take a look at some top ideas on how to recycle and reuse your old T-shirts.

Give Them A New Purpose

Old T-shirts can easily be converted to stylish scarf. But to do this, you’ll need a sewing machine and a bit of creativity. You can make the DIY T-shirt to scarf transformation in many different ways either by having a uniform color or mixing colors to give it a wild look. If you have plenty of old T-shirts to hand then you can make more than one and share them amounst your friends and who knows you could even make some money from it. If you use a lot of plastic bags then you will be contributing to the damage done to the environment in another way. To avoid this, you can turn your T-shirts into market totes to help contain and carry your stuff instead of using plastic bags. Cloth materials, especially the ones made from cotton, are highly durable.


They Don’t Have To Be Clothes

Table placements have been around for many years helping to protect our expensive furniture from damage and general wear and tear. But now you don’t need to buy them anymore. You can easily make them from your old T-shirts by cutting them as thin long strands and weaving them together. You design them in small or large sizes depending on size of your table. The good thing here is that there is no fancy equipment needed to make this possible. All you need is to find some DIY instructions online.

Create Your Own Style

People make no-sew vests from scratch, but you can save yourself a lot of money, improve your style and make a noticeable fashion statement by turning your old T-shirts into no-sew vests. All you need is scissors and a bit of imagination and your no-sew vests are ready to wear on top of your usual clothes, to create the perfect casual look. Bracelets look sexy, and all you need to create your own version is some old T-shirts and bangles you don’t make use anymore. Just cut the tees in tiny long bits and wind them round the bangles to create a very stylish and beautiful looking bracelet. Old T-shirts can also be transformed into stylish knotted belts and headbands. All you need is to cut them as usual and knot them together in any style that you wish. You will also need to use a bit of glue to help make the knot stick together. Use these ideas and introduce it to your friends too. The more you do the more you’ll be helping our environment.

Sarah Mallon visited All Rubbish 2 Go who provided her with a house clearance service that allowed her to recycle her family’s old clothes.

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