Why I Collect Coins

A large number of collectors decide to get into the world of commemorative coins and there’s no real mystery about why they do that. Whenever I come across an advertisement for a coin, whether it has been released to commemorate a religious leader who has recently been deified or some sort of historical event, my first reaction is to get on the phone and start calling. I do that even before the commercial has finished airing. Yes, that’s the sort of guy I am.

All over my house, quite literally littering it, are coin holders and coin folders. There came a point at which my coin collecting turned into an obsession. You could even almost call me a hoarder – at least, if I weren’t quite so careful and orderly with regard to the system I use for filing. There’s no need to worry, though, as there’s no danger that I am going to end up buried beneath a heap of my coin-collecting equipment.

Every so often, I decide to go through my coin collection and catalog it. To do this, I go carefully though my own filing system – this is based around coin types. As an example, in the file that I label “Legends of Hollywood”, I include the coins commemorating Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek, that were released when his ashes were sent up into space. I also have a few coins honouring The Little Rascals, the child stars. In the next section, I keep a series of coins relating to music, of which my favorite is the “Jazz Greats” collection. This is a lovely set, with John Coltrane and Louis Armstrong on gold coins.


Photo source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/24oranges/2813964068/

The “Politics and History” section forms the biggest part of the collection that I have. In here, I keep coins commemorating subjects such as Ronald Reagan, the fall of the Twin Towers and John F. Kennedy. Even Richard Nixon was featured on commemorative coins, although not with his infamous “I am not a crook” look. I own a set, actually made in Africa, that is dedicated to Nelson Mandela. Actually, in the last few years, I have found myself picking up more coins from foreign nations than domestic coins. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they are my favorites – but, with coin collecting, there is such a wide variety of countries to be explored!

Through the journey I have made through other countries by means of commemorative coins, I have discovered aspects of history I had not previously seen – as well as making my coin storage areas full! As an example of what I have learned, I had no idea, before, that Edmund Burton was the man who was Australia’s first Prime Minister. After all, there is no reason that I would have known that. But, because my Prime Ministers of Australia set is headed by Burton’s coin, I now do know it. This is a great reminder of what encouraged me to begin coin collecting – the thought of making fascinating discoveries like these. It really is exciting to use a shiny coin to discover things about the world – they really do map the surface of the Earth.

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