What Is Your Hobby?

I recently realised the importance of a hobby after my father was forced to retire. He had been with the company for over twenty years and because he’d reached the tender age of sixty five, they decided that it was time for him to put his feet up and relax.

That’s all very well, but my father isn’t a person to sit around and do nothing. Therfore instead he set out to find himself a hobby that now keeps him busy for hours each day.

Handy Work

I think his hobby really started when once he had the time on his hands he could start doing all the necessary repairs around the house that he hadn’t had time for in the past. He bought all the tools he needed and started doing all the odd jobs that my mother had been nagging him about for years.

When he was finished with that, to my relief, he started on my home too. He loved being busy with his hands, so doing these jobs was a way that he could stay active while learning as he went.


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Cars and Things

Of course once all the homes were fixed up and he had done all the handy work that was needed at both his own home and mine, he was left idle again. But he soon discovered a passion for cars, fixing his own and then buying a restoration project.

He bought everything he needed for the car online from the bearings to the O-rings. His passion really gave him a great hobby, he fixed up a vintage car that is potentially now worth quite a bit of money. He has a wonderful sense of pride when he drives that car down the road now and people turn their heads to look at his masterpiece which he restored with his own two hands and some parts he managed to get online.

Online Ordering

Ordering the bearings and other parts online, including his tools was quick and easy. He managed to get them ordered and delivered to his door within days so he could get going on all the fun hobbies he had decided to try. Maybe one of these hobbies will become a career choice for his later years, something to keep him busy and active.

Many people are nervous about online ordering, but in fact it’s the easiest and fastest way to find what you want without the time wasted on wandering from shop to shop. When you order online they deliver direct to your door, so it really doesn’t get any easier.

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