Your Dream Daycation

What do you do for fun? Nights out on the town can be costly and eventually end up blurring into one another, each much like the last, and trips abroad aren’t something most of us can afford to do more than once or twice a year, so why not consider planning an inexpensive and fun daycation for you and your friends?

Where to go and what to do?

It’s best not to go too far afield when going on daycation as you don’t want to spend your whole day travelling, so look into what activities you could do in your vicinity. Many cities and counties will have websites which you can check out for ideas: most will list local museums, walks, parks, festivals and so on. Likewise, tourist offices are a good place to start. You may think you know your city, but there are usually plenty of obscure parks and little-known museums that you won’t have heard of. The internet is another great resource. Check out travel websites like Trip Adviser to see what tourists have liked about your city. You might also look out for weekly or monthly mailing lists which inform subscribers of interesting events and gigs in your area.

Weather and Food

Don’t forget to keep the weather in mind: your friends probably won’t thank you for bringing them off up into the mountains for a picnic on a bitterly cold November day. If you do choose an outdoor activity, advise people to dress in warm clothing and to bring rain gear, just in case. And remember that people will want to eat during the day, so factor in lunch and/or dinner, be it in a local eatery or in the form of packed lunches. Flasks of tea might not go astray for those nippy outdoor adventures!

Getting There

Once you’ve decided on an activity and gotten your friends’ approval, decide on how you’ll get there. If there’s more than five of you, driving may not be a feasible option, so consider alternatives such as public transport or mini bus hire. For longer journeys, you could plan entertainment for the bus, such as those nostalgic car games you all loved once upon a time or you could even create a mixed CD of songs to play on the way – get a few sing-alongs in there!


Financing Your Trip

To ensure you don’t end up footing the bill, work out how much your daycation will cost, factoring in everything, from entrance fees to transport to food, and send a breakdown of the cost to your friends. Make sure everyone pays up before the day comes. That way you won’t end up chasing people for money afterwards, leaving a sour aftertaste and marring your memory of the trip.

When the day finally does come around, don’t forget to enjoy yourself. It’s easy to let yourself fret about whether everything is going to plan, but you have to breathe, let go and have fun. Otherwise, what was the point?!

This article was written by event manager Aoife Kelly on behalf of a Dublin mini bus hire company.

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