Winter Wonderland: For Some Maybe!

We all know how difficult it can be when we have to drive in winter. However so much of the drama and complications that we suffer could be prevented so much easily if we all had a bit of a plan and some preparation when venturing out in the winter months.

Over the last ten years in the UK, the winters seem to have become a whole lot worse. Whilst they do not compare to some other countries across the world for a short period of time certain areas are hit very hard.

The problem is that our climate over winter is so unpredictable; it can be warm and sunny one day and then change to fog, snow, and even floods in the next few days. This has left all of us drivers in a little bit of a pickle as we barely know what we will be wearing from one day to the next, let alone whether or not our car tyres are going to be appropriate or not.

So even though the last few years have been some of the worst winter conditions we have experience in Britain for at least 30 years, we can never be completely sure it will be the same this year. So our only hope is to get prepared for every kind of weather this winter.

Preparing Our Car For Winter!

In an ideal world we should be looking to service our car whether by ourselves or preferably at a garage to make sure that it is not going to let us down when we need it the most. This is what you should be checking:

1.       Have a good look at the radiator and make sure it doesn’t have any damage or leaks. Flush it right through with some clean water and get some antifreeze put in there. Before you start this process, of course make sure the engine is switched off and has cooled down!

2.       If you have one, have a good look at the coolant thermostat. This is to make sure that it is a good condition and is working efficiently. Again, ensure that the coolant inside has cooled down; it will normally take a good twenty minutes to do so. Additionally do not attempt to replace it without first buying the replacement.

3.       Make sure that the water pump and surrounding area does not have any leaks.

4.       Next make sure that your battery is in good condition and if you currently have a unit that is not sealed give it a good top up with some iodized water if needs be.

5.       Check all of your spark plugs and make sure they are not too worn and either clean them up or replace them.

6.       If you own an older car, take a look and make sure the ignition leads, distributor and the coil are all in good condition.


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7.       Have a good look over all of your rubber alternator belts, water pump belts, fan belts and timing belts.

8.       Have a change of your engine oil and even the oil filter if needs be.

9.       Top up your brake fluids if they seem a bit low.

10.   Have a good check of all of your air filters as well as fuel filters.

11.   Top up your transmission fluid, steering fluid and even your windscreen wash.

12.   Have a thorough check of the whole engine area and make sure there are no sign of any leaks either water or oil.

By making sure our car is in as good a condition internally as possible, you will give it and yourself a much better chance of surviving the harsh winter conditions should they occur.

So be prepared and you should be ready to take on anything this winter, though one other good idea is to buy rock salt and keep it in the back just in case you get stuck in the snow!

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