What Guys Do on Guy Vacations

Do you ever wonder what types of ‘bro’ things evolve on ‘guycations’?  It’s not all talking women and drinking beer.  Well, some guys manage to do other things with their vacations as well.  Are you a part of a great group of guys?  Is your great guy in need of a getaway?  This article is for you!  Guys are notorious for not asking directions.  Don’t get lost, wondering how to spend a week or so with the boys.  Consider taking a vacation to the following destinations.

Hiking in Colorado

Colorado is an ambiguous state.  On one hand, the atmosphere is incredibly tranquil, quiet, and serene.  On the other, people in Colorado are hyperactive and often do not stay in place for long.  Rather, they’re hiking, cycling, skiing, kayaking, and taking part in a number of outdoor activities.  Colorado is a great ‘dudecation’ spot because of its dual nature.  Take the boys out hiking for hours then come home and relax with a few beers and bros.  Whether you decide to stay in Aspen, Denver, Vail or a numerous Colorado towns, you and the boys will be more than happy with the decision.

Sun Bathing in Miami

Have you and the crowd ever been to southern Florida?  The place is hot, both literally and figuratively.  Aside from the ever-present sun rays, guys can find plenty of venues for partying and socializing.  Miami is notoriously known for hosting ‘good times’ regardless of the time of year.  In addition to fun, Miami offers a lot of culture and learning opportunities (just in case the boys want to unlock the answers to any long-standing ‘mansteries.’)

Seeing Sports in Philadelphia

Coincidentally, Philadelphia is deemed the city of ‘brotherly love.’  (How apropos for a ‘mancation!’)  Philadelphia offers a lot: history, culture, incredible foods and nightlife.  It also houses one of the most loyal followings in professional sports.  Philly loves their sports teams.  Regardless of the time of year, there are professional sports being played in the city.  Take a trip out to see the Phillies, Flyers, Sixers, Eagles, and other professional teams, spanning the spectrum of sports.

Golfing in Vegas

Las Vegas is known as a party town, a party town that never sleeps.  But partying around the clock may not be appealing to adult males, regardless of recent movie depictions.  Rather than strictly partying in Vegas, golf Vegas.  That’s right golf in Vegas is a hot topic too.  The weather is warm and dry; and, the area offers a number of courses, varying in prices and skill levels.  Is your ‘wolf pack’ ready for Vegas golf?


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