Traveling on a Mexican Vacation This Winter – What’s the Weather Like?

This post answers the following questions

1) What type of weather can they expect in Mexico?
2) Why many tourists visit Mexico?
3) What does the countryside offers?
4) Where did tourists got the preconceived notions of Mexico?
5) What is the difference in climate between the Pacific Coast and the Gulf Coasts?

The biggest majority of tourists and travelers to Mexico from the USA & Canada do so for a simple yet thrifty winter vacation.  What type of weather can they expect overall? Yet it’s a good thing to know the variations of Mexican weather and climate – should you visit another time of year than winter-time to avoid blizzards and the like up north.  Very simply put Mexico is not one country – but rather an amalgam and assortment of differing peoples, geography and lastly climate and weather.

Many Tourists & Visitors to Mexico Have Preconceived Notions Of the Country From Watching TV Shows & Westerns:

While its true that many people whose experience with Mexico is limited to brief visits to towns on the United States side of the border, or whose picture of the Mexican country was formed from television westerns and even cartoons.   Truth be told these people whose pre-conceived notions were from TV  imagine Mexico & the Mexican countryside as a hot dry place with endless vistas  of treeless deserts ,spotted alongside Cacti & sun-bleached Cacti skeletons dotting the landscape.

The Countryside Offers Great Variety in Geography & Climate:

No doubt – or perhaps as could be expected the Mexican countryside can be counted on to provide its share of places that come summertime are unbearably hot, but also areas that are either Canadian type cold climates or just too humid and as well areas of the countryside that are of course desert type dry.

A Checkerboard of Plateaus & Valleys:

Truth is told the countryside itself can be counted on to be a checkerboard of valleys and plateaus.  It can be said that it is often the case, and not unexpected that adjacent geographic areas can have diametrically opposed weather and climates.

Basic Temperatures Across Major Regions & Cities of the Country:

In the tropics, the general rule by climatologists is that for every 300 foot increase in altitude, the temperature will drop one degree Fahrenheit.  While the Gulf Coast cities like Villahermosa and Veracruz might swelter at 95 degrees F (35 degrees Celsius), Mexico City generally enjoys more temperate climes of between 70 & 75 degrees F. (equivalent from between 21 to 24 degrees C).  That for most people is within reason and tolerable when it comes to weather outside.

The Two Coasts – Pacific & Gulf:

Lastly there is a difference in climate between the Pacific Coast and the Gulf Coasts of the country called Mexico.   The constant sea breeze blowing across the Pacific essentially keeps both summer and winter pleasant.  On the easterly Gulf Coast can suffocate in the summer and yet come peak winter season can actually catch chilly northern winds that whip down all the way from way up north in Canada.

Regular Annual Winter Snowbirds From Canada & the US Often Prefer Eternal Spring Time Weather:

Yet its not by coincidence or sheer happenchance that the areas and locales that are preferential to North American & Canadian long term residents as well as Mexicans themselves are either at high enough altitudes to enjoy what many jokingly refer to as “eternal spring” or alternatively on the Pacific Coast where the temperatures are higher but tempered by continual sea breezes.

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