The Best Time To Book A Ski Holiday

Planning on taking a ski trip this year? There’s no time like the present. Book your ski holiday now for substantial savings, as well as the chance to avoid the crowds at your favourite alpine destinations in the upcoming ski season. Read on to learn more about how you can get the best deal on your ski holiday by booking at the perfect moment.

Timing is Everything

Autumn has only just started, but that hasn’t stopped the biggest skiing enthusiasts from snapping up peak-season accommodation. If you’re considering hitting the slopes during Christmas, New Years or over the winter school holidays then you already face fierce competition for the best value flights, chalets and ski lessons. True, you can try to capitalise on last minute deals, but if you have a particularly popular destination in mind it would be wise to book now for the best selection of rooms and rates.

Alternatively, savvy skiers can book early off-peak holidays to get ahead of the game. Most ski resorts will be open for business from early to mid December. If you have flexible travel dates, then you can take advantage of the deals going in the lead up to Christmas – a period which is unlikely to be heavily subscribed. The end of the season is also a viable time to book a reduced-price ski holiday, but is more risky for those seeking the cheapest deals.

Planning Ahead

This year’s ski season promises to be exceptionally good for families. The British half term it set to fall between February 9 and 23, whilst most Parisian families won’t be hitting the slopes until after February 23 – so skiers looking to avoid congestion are in luck this year. Bear in mind though that this happy coincidence may not bring down prices, so be sure to book in advance.

In addition, Easter will start on 31 March this year, meaning that the snow will be more plentiful than during the previous five seasons in which the holiday fell during April. This is great news for those who can only plan their trips over major holidays; however, early birds and those with flexible schedules will still get the best deals.


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Finding the Best Offers

As a general rule, off-peak skiers and early birds will always get the best prices – so the right time to book is as soon as possible. At the biggest, most popular resorts ski lift passes can go for up to £200 per week! Booking in advance can halve the price, or even eliminate it completely. If purchasing your trip now is not possible, then waiting to see how the ski season turns out can also be a good way to scoop up a deal: poor sales, snowfall or weather can also bring prices down.

Explore all your options and keep an open mind. For a truly relaxing, affordable ski holiday, consider resorts that are off the beaten track and always book as soon as possible.

This was a guest blog post by Alpine Angels, specialists in Chamonix Ski Chalets.

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