The Best Jeeping Trails for Your Colorado Vacation

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4) Where can you find Imogene Pass?
5) What makes Ophir Pass one of the most popular Jeeping trails in Colorado?

Jeeping or off-roading has established itself as a favorite pastime among many Americans. This is down to the numerous thrills that result from participating in this activity. Jeeping also stands out for its adventurous characteristic that provides participants with unrivalled amusement. Those who engage in this off-road activity would also be doing their health status a great favor. Jeeping helps people to build muscle and enhance their physical endurance levels. It reduces stress and boosts the self-confidence of people who partake in this activity.

The thrills of Jeeping ultimately find their roots in the trails. These trails are usually challenging and provide participants with an opportunity to put their mental tenacity to test. Among the Jeeping trails in America, Colorado has distinguished itself as the home of some of the most intriguing trails and a place where travelers can experience the true outdoors. Its rugged landscape normally guarantees participants an enthralling experience that would always rank as memorable. Here are some of the notable Jeeping trails to try and visit on your vacation to Colorado:

Imogene Pass

Imogene pass can be either moderate or challenging depending on the expertise of the driver. It ranks at the second position on the list of the highest mountain passes in Colorado. The most energy–sapping part of the trail includes the Upper Camp Bird and the summit. While driving through the trail, drivers are likely to take note of the steep places, which usually put people’s driving skills to the test. Before reaching the Upper Bird Camp, participants are advised to be on the lookout for any approaching traffic from the opposite direction. This is because of the blind switchback that poses a safety hazard.

Ophir Pass

Ophir Pass is perhaps one of the most popular Jeeping trails in Colorado. It is quite notable for its beautiful pine forests, gorgeous aspens and silver mountains. Beyond its natural beauty, an adventurous driving experience is what awaits those who would wish to tackle this trail. Such individuals can however take solace in the fact that this trail is relatively simpler than others. It boasts of a partially maintained road and a tight switchback. The latter feature demands that drivers must exercise extreme caution when approaching it to avoid head-on collisions. Ophir Pass has good visibility that enhances road safety and an enchanting Jeeping experience.

Black Bear Pass

This Jeeping trail has earned notoriety for its challenging course, which pushes many wheelers’ driving abilities to the limit. Its steep rocky stair steps are evidence of the difficult task that most wheelers have had to endure. This section requires that drivers must be at their optimum best to avoid falling victim to it. Black Bear Pass also takes pride in its various switchbacks that might come as bad news to beginners. The first switchback, undoubtedly the most challenging, leaves minimal room for wheelers to turn around. While tackling this trail, participants can also take in the breathtaking views that adorn this place. Such views are quite reflected in Porphyry Basin, Ingram Lake and Trico Peak.

Engineer Pass

This is an eye-catching trail that stands out for its age-old mine sites and wildlife. Wheelers are most likely to find the trail relatively challenging or extremely energy –sapping. There are narrow ledge roads that do not have guardrails. This could be quite intimidating to those who have not engaged in Jeeping for a long time. The road leading to the Lake City is less steep—this should be a relief to some wheelers. As a reward for making it to this stage, wheelers will be treated to an amazing view of wildlife.

Colorado is a great destination or a summertime vacation. There are lots of thing to do and see in Colorado but make sure you don’t miss out on the Jeeping experience. You will see places and views that most people will only ever see in pictures. Its an experience you won’t regret!

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  1. I love Colorado Jeeping. I’ve been on all these trail and they are so much fun and allow you to see so many beautiful sights.

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