Planning Your Motorhome Holiday

How to plan that perfect motorhome holiday and avoid the usual pitfalls.

I love my motorhome. I can drive to wherever I like and cook my own food, before heading out for an evening stroll. Better yet, I don’t even have to make the bed, before setting off for an all new remote location, in the morning. Of course, my wife would prefer that I did make the bed and that’s where the problems can start.

The freedom of a portable holiday home comes at a price. No matter how large your model, you and your travelling companions are going to spend a lot of time in each other’s pockets. This is, of course, part of the appeal – I believe they call it quality time – but too much of your quality and your companions might just start plotting your ‘ejection’ the vehicle.

If you’re lucky, they might wait till the motorhome’s parked before throwing you out, but it’s best not to risk it. Plan your trip well and maybe they won’t shout at you until you’re safely back home and can return to the safety of work.

Choosing the Motorhome

You might think big is best for that extra space and, to an extent, you’re right. Driving these things down windy roads – and even on our beloved motorways – can be tight at the best of times though. In addition, the larger the vehicle, the larger the price-tag, so don’t shoot yourself in the foot, on either count.

Motorhomes with some sort of division between the bed spaces can be really useful for solo-time at the end of the day. If you can find a motorhome that can expand its living space through sliding sections, they’re well worth considering, too.

Booking Campsites

Leaving this part of the journey to chance could be the anvil that breaks the camel’s back. No one wants to spend all day travelling somewhere, only to find they’ve got to get back in the vehicle to find a sleeping spot.

Get the holiday off to a good start and book sites for the first few nights, as well as the busier locations on the route. After a smooth beginning, you can afford to chance the more remote locations, but make sure your last night or two are in the most luxurious sites you visit. It’s comforting to know things are going to get easier.


If you’re going to be the bulk of the driving, don’t forget that, while you’re occupied on the road, time might be going very slowly for the passengers. They’re effectively killing time, so make sure everyone gets a ‘run-around’ when you do stop.

Take your bikes and do something active to get rid of that excess energy. While on the journey, try to play games, share music and listen to audiobooks. This can get you all bonded – even if it is while at the expense of your music taste – and help turn the journey into an adventure in its own right.

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Brian Kant works for the UK’s specialist in American and European motorhomes. He hasn’t been abroad in 17 years and can’t see any reason to change that, soon.

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