Packing the Important Stuff for Your Holiday Adventure

You’re fed up with your boss, your parents keep nagging you about visiting them and you just want to get away from everything! That’s why you bought those tickets, told everyone your sick for a week and switched off your phone.  So all that’s left for you is to pack your bags and go somewhere remote like the Kruger Park or the moon!

Plan ahead

If you’re the adventurous type then you pack at your own peril. If you are the calculating sort, you’ll notice how easier it is to pack since you know what you are going to do on your holiday trip. If you have a predetermined holiday plan you’ll know what kind of clothes and knick knacks to take with.

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Packing the right clothes will save you a lot of time and make your holiday a much more enjoyable one. If you want to save space and you have extra money you should only take a few essentials and shop for the appropriate clothing there, new clothes and souvenirs, score! If you need to put in more clothes then use the roll up technique since this will help you fit in more clothes than usual. If you are going on a safari you should take long pants with you for those hiking trips since the bushes tend to brush against you and insects enjoy a free ride when they can get one. If you are going to a cold location then pack in as many warm clothes as possible.


Toiletries take up a lot of space when packing your bags and you really don’t need your whole bottle of shampoo for your week holiday. Take half a tube of toothpaste, pour your shampoo and shower gel into smaller containers to save space. Another great space saver is using the new tooth powder to replace your toothpaste and shave, clip, wax and tweeze everything you can to ensure that you don’t have to take anything extra with you.


Before leaving you should check, check and double check before you go to the airport. Make copies of all your important documents and leave a copy with your friends if you need someone to forward it to you if you really need it. Take your copies and put them in different bags if something should happen to one of your bags, rather lose one copy than two.

When you go take in all the sights, enjoy all the activities you can find and lose yourself. It’s not often you can get away so you should enjoy every single second of it. We hope the tips on packing helped!

Ruan Smit has booked in many times at his favourite skukuza camp and enjoys sharing his experiences and packing tips for people who want to go on their own get-away adventure.

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