La Palma Island in the Canaries

La Palma is the island in the Canaries that made headlines around the world after a documentary film was made depicting how the Island would explode with a giant chunk falling into the sea that would send a tidal wave right the way across the Atlantic, a tsunami so powerful that the wave would hit New York the height of its skyscrapers destroying everything for 200 miles inland. This of course is not true with scientists saying nothing like that could happen for a million years so do not be afraid to visit.

La Palma is far enough away from the tourist areas  of Tenerife, and Gran Canarias that if you were blindfolded., and put on a plane you would have no idea of where on the planet you were as you touched down at Santa Cruz Airport (SPC)looking around at the semi-tropical plants and the mountains you could be in Southern Italy or Scilly, then you see the banana plants and you think you are on the Caribbean island of Dominica until you see the rich red soil reminiscent of the Rift valley, and you decide that you must on an island off the coast of Africa, and then it clicks you are in the Canary Islands.

The island of La Palma is the most north-westerly of the seven islands that make up Canary Archipelago rising out of the sea and touching the clouds which is where you will find the Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes, along with observatory’s from many other countries that have been built on top of Los Muchaschos (The Lads) at an altitude of 2,423 m. The telescopes were placed here to study the universe due to the lack of light and constant clear night-time skies.  Make sure to bring your hiking boots as La Palma has some wonderful trails that will take you from the banana plantations to the rim of the volcano that last erupted in 1971.

Getting to La Palma

When at the airport getting ready for your fight to La Palma pay special attention to make sure you are going to the right place with many more flights heading to La Palma de Mallorca, and more than one airport that is called Santa Cruz. From the U.K. Thompson have weekly flights from Manchester and London Gatwick.

Where to stay

La Palma Princess & Teneguia Princess

Carretera la Costa | Cercavieja, 10, 38740 Fuencaliente de la Palma, La Palma, Spain.

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What to take back home

For centuries the Canary Islands have been linked to the islands of the New World, and especially Cuba where the Islanders of La Palma started the Cigar industry, which flourished until the Revolution.  The cigar factory owners were of course wealthy, and not wanting to lose everything to Castro returned to La Palma with what money they could get out, and started to produce hand rolled cigars that are equivalent to anything you might find in Havana. Even the food and music of La Palma have a Cuban accent gently swaying to the sound of a Salsa rhythm.  La Palma is the perfect choice for a holiday away from the masses where you will find out why La Palma is called “La Isla Bonita” (The beautiful Island).

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