How to Plan a Weekend Getaway with your Officemates

After a week spent at the office or at the job site, a lot of people look forward to the weekends for some rest and relaxation.  Some people envision themselves sleeping in, some plan to work out, and some line up the movies and television shows to watch.  However, if you’re tired of the same old thing or activity, then go for a short trip to somewhere with friends and family.  The beach, the hills, or even a museum can be full of fun and adventure if planned smoothly.  To make things easier, here are a few pointers on how to plan that perfect weekend getaway.

Step 1: Look for suitable venues and activities.

If you live in an area that is famous for or near the coast, then plan a trip to the beach for one weekend.  Consider the time it would take to get to these destinations.  Or if you’re already sick of the beaches, why not go for a nature trek in the woods.  You can also go online or contact tourist information regarding suitable activities that will help you enjoy your weekend.

Step 2: Compute the projected costs.

You can go about finances in two ways.  One way is to set a budget by asking how much you are willing to spend on this certain trip.  Then you can go looking for suitable packages and rates for your weekend trip.  The second way is to look for the rates and other costs first.  Those who want to join the trip can then set aside an amount for the upcoming trip.  Always look for economical ways to save on transportation, lodging, food, and activities.

Step 3: Coordinate with your officemates.

Of course, you have to ask who wants to join in on the weekend trip.  Once you’ve confirmed the attendance of your officemates, it will be easier to delegate certain tasks and responsibilities to each person.  You can carpool, bring your own equipment and food to save on
the costs.

Planning ahead before the said trip can definitely help make it one of the most memorable and enjoyable experiences.  However, be sure to come back early from your trip so you can have enough time to rest.

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  1. After a long and stressful week at work , it’s great to have a break and go on a trip. Planning it with your officemates is a good idea but there are lot of things to consider in doing this. Ask around to know about a great place to stay, consider the location, how far it is from home , means of transportation and the availability of the communication system in that place. Plan ahead all the activities and don’t forget to bring playing cards , boards games because this things are an ultimate bore- breakers.Prepare yourself for any emergency situation that may occur. Be sure that the officemates who would come along is in good terms with everybody or else , the whole trip will be wasted and ruined and definitely everyone will not enjoy.

  2. A weekend getaway is a perfect means to get to know your office mates outside work. To save on the trip, invite your boss to come along. He or she is more likely to have connections on extraordinary locations like a grand resort or a villa. It can also serve as your office team building to create camaraderie among employees. Always have a camera with you to capture those exciting moments and have it framed to present to your boss as a reminder of a fun weekend.

  3. Mark Gonzales says:

    A great way to connect with your co-workers is by conducting weekend getaways once in a while. Planning can be real tough but it can be done. First, ask the people who will be joining if they know someone (a relative or a friend) in or near the place you are going to. You could save up on tourist guide fees and if you’re friends relative is generous enough you can stay in there place saving you money for lodging! Next is assign task to different people as to avoid stress to the main planner, but make sure to consult everything to the group like what food to bring, the means of transportation. This is to make sure that everyone is comfortable with the vacation. Another great tip to save money is to bring canned goods, well for me whats important is the “view” not the food, but please don’t starve yourself. 😀 Have a nice weekend!

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