How To Pack For A Weekend Away

List the Essentials

Whether you are taking a business trip or taking your girlfriend away for the weekend, all good planning begins with the preparation of a list. Write down all the men’s fashion tips you can remember so you do not forget any of your essential items. Think about everything you need, all the men’s fashion tips you know and, once you have a list, stick to it. Be strong and do not deviate from what you have written, or add in impulse items. Learning to travel efficiently is one of the biggest men’s fashion tips of all.

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Just because we are focused on travelling light, that does not excuse dreadful clothes. So the jumper that has seen better days can stay at home on this occasion. If it is simply a weekend trip, you should not need any more than three button down shirts and the same number of casual options, while a relaxing weekend will see the shirts left out. If you are heading on a business trip, go for solid colour casual t-shirts, so you can still look smart and professional during your evening endeavours.

Be savvy with the socks and pants, too, the domain that all men going on short trips fear. You do not need to take your whole drawer, just what you will need. If it was me, I would play it safe and take three pairs for casual trips, and five or six for business. If you stick to a fixed colour scheme you will find packing much easier, as you will not need several pairs of trousers or jeans to match every shirt you take. One trouser and one jean should be sufficient, so ensure the tops match easily.

Final Men’s Fashion Tips

If you are taking anything bulky with you, such as a jumper or warm coat, wear it on the way there. This will save room in your luggage for essentials. It is also advisable to use only a small case or bag, if you are the owner of something bigger you can always fall foul of the danger of taking much more than you actually need.

Ideally, keep your luggage small enough to fit in the aeroplane cabin so you can take it on as hand luggage. Why waste time hanging around a carousel when you could be straight through passport control and immediately on your way?

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