Holiday Guide – 8 Things to Pack in Your Suitcase

Are you planning a sightseeing holiday, or maybe a girl’s holiday with a group of friends? Either way the last thing you want is to find yourself in a foreign country without your essentials, and as someone who regularly forgets things like my toothbrush and my camera if I don’t plan ahead, I’ve written you this holiday guide to ensure you’re fully packed and ready to go!

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Sun protection

The first thing in your suitcase while going abroad should be adequate sun protection. Make sure you’ve bought enough to last the whole holiday, that it’s water-proof, and that it has a high SPF.

You might also want to try any testers available while shopping to ensure you buy one that’s non-greasy so it doesn’t leave a sticky residue on your skin – not a good look on the beach!


Whether its for the aeroplane journey, late night reading at the hotel or lounging by the pool in the sun, ensure you have a book or plenty of magazines packed with you to keep you occupied!

With today’s busy lifestyles we rarely get a moment’s peace to relax and read, so take advantage of all that free time you have on holiday to finally real those novels you’ve been wanting to buy for ages!


To guarantee good holiday photos you’ll need a camera with you of course! Unfortunately, this is the one thing I always forget.

You could take your digital camera, or if you’re worried about pick-pocketing you could just buy a cheap disposable camera or pick up an old film camera on eBay and a couple of rolls of film – photo processing places can put these onto a CD for you no problem.

Bikinis and Cover Ups

A girl can never have too many bikinis in her suitcase, especially if you’ll be spending a lot of time at the beach or in the swimming pool!

Pack a range of different styles- maybe a strapless one to prevent tan lines and one with straps for swimming in the pool or crashing through those waves without any risk of ‘falling out’!

To go with your bikini you’ll want a beach cover up; this is perfect to put on top of your swimwear if you’re planning on going to a café for lunch and don’t want to get fully dressed, plus it will keep your skin cool and shaded if you have fair skin that burns easily.


No matter where you’re planning on going you’ll need a comfortable night’s sleep, and what better way than in your own pyjamas?

Pack lightweight pyjama shorts and top to ensure you don’t overheat in the night – natural fabrics such as cotton and linen let your skin breathe so there’ll be no yucky sweat patches when you wake up!

Comfortable Shoes

If you plan on doing a lot of sightseeing chances are you’ll want comfortable shoes, and so even if you’re on a girl’s holiday and are taking a case that’s packed with slinky dresses and heels, don’t forget to pack some good old flip-flops or sandals to give your feet a break during the day!

If you’re heading up into the mountains, hiking boots are more appropriate. No, they’re not the most stylish things on the planet, but trust me, if you go hiking in unsuitable shoes you’ll soon be worrying about the pain and not about appearances!

Suitable, Comfortable Clothing

Just because you’re on holiday does not mean you’ll need a whole new wardrobe; in fact chances are you’ll want your good old favorites from your existing wardrobe to ensure you feel comfortable.

Nothing’s worse than buying a gorgeous dress or new pair of sandals before your trip, only to find out when abroad that the dress rides up and the sandals rub blisters into your feet, and you can’t just pop home and change like you could in your own country!

Make sure clothes are suitable for the weather you’ll be staying in, and make sure where you’re visiting doesn’t have any restrictions on the amount of skin you can show – certain destinations require women to wear headscarves or to avoid low-cut tops for example.


While at home, take the opportunity to go to the bank or post office and get some foreign cash – when making transactions abroad, your card can be flagged up for potential fraud and frozen, leaving you in a foreign country with no access to money!

You can also buy pre-paid credit cards and traveller’s cheques if you’re not happy carrying a wad of cash with you, which mean that if your purse is stolen at least the assailant won’t have access to your entire bank account or credit limit.


Be sure to write a list of everything you pack in your suitcase on the way to your holiday so as not to forget anything on the way home!

Have I missed off an item you think is essential for a trip abroad? Tell me in the comments below…

Michelle Star blogs for Idlewild London, online retailers of luxury designer pyjamas and swimwear in the UK.

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