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Travelers can arrive in Windsor, Canada by plane or automobile. Numerous flights and auto rentals are available. The town is nestled in Ontario, and happens to be one of the most southerly metropolises. Although Windsor offers the perfect growing climate for grapes, excellent wineries, breweries known for producing high-quality hops, and barley fields throughout the outer countryside, it is the automotive sector that dominates the local industry.

For well over a decade, Windsor has been known as the Ford City. Detroit—located across the Ambassador Bridge—is closely interwoven with the immense automotive sector. Trade relations between Canada and the United States have not always been peaceful. Prior to the 21st century, the two countries fought tirelessly. Windsor was a strategic location. Today several museums, including the Windsor Community Museum, offer retrospectives on both the War of 1812 and the Underground Railway.

When planning a trip, choosing a welcoming and indulgent hotel is surprisingly easy in this cozy metropolis. The Hilton and Holiday Inn Select (located at the historic Ambassador Bridge) are the two top rated hotels in the area. Both offer supreme accommodations. The Radisson Riverfront Hotel is perfect for the discriminating traveler seeking relaxing views, enjoyable nightlife and easy access to Windsor itself.


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A must-see attraction while in the city is the historic Willistead Manor. It is one of the area’s top attractions. Visitors describe the manor as unique, stunning and tranquil. It offers an unparalleled opportunity to enjoy nature and history at its finest.

The nearby Coventry Gardens offer a serene atmosphere along the riverfront. Detroit’s Belle Isle can be seen directly across the river from the gardens. The Peace Fountain is found within Coventry. Crowds of people visit each year to admire the spectacular saucer-shaped fountain with its ever-changing patterns of lights and water sprays. Photographers—amateur and professional alike—cannot visit Windsor without visiting this grand photo opportunity.

For those wishing to indulge in city thrills, the Caesars Windsor (casinos), Devoshire Mall (shopping), Back Room Gallery Artists’ Co-op (art gallery), and Canadian Club Brand Center (historic site) are must-see attractions. Each offer thrills and excitement for the active visitor seeking to experience the best of Windsor.

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When it comes to dining, local restaurants both natives and visitors rave about include:

– Nico’s, specializing in authentic Italian cuisine. Visitors who have tasted true Italian cooking in Italy say Nico’s is unbelievably authentic. The service is supreme!

– Pomegranate Restaurant is perfect if you’re craving flavorful Chinese. It is family run and, according to diners, will consistently exceed your best expectations.

– Basil Court Restaurant is the local staple for scrumptious Thai Spicy Noodles, Phad Phod Talay, Curry Chicken, and Basil Court Spicy Fried Rice. Local and tourist diners label this restaurant as a haven of exotic flavor.

– Little Greek House is a valuable find for anyone who appreciates Greek cuisine. This restaurant has been making Greek food in Windsor for over 20 years. The gyros are high-quality and the service is exceptional.

Whether visiting Windsor for a fun-packed weekend or a leisurely week-long stay, be sure to take advantage of all this bustling metropolis offers. The sites are unique. The food is sublime. A trip to Windsor, Canada is truly a remarkable experience.

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