Four Ways to Keep Saving with Budget Airlines

Over the past decade or more, low budget airlines have transformed the way we travel from one country to another, and our insatiable taste for genuine bargains will no doubt ensure their popularity for many years to come. Whether we’re planning on sightseeing in Sweden or tanning in Tunisia, most air travellers will invariably opt for the cheapest carrier. While it’s obviously important to seek out the bargains, however, there are some hidden costs which may not be apparent at first. Here are four add-ons that can make that highly impressive deal a little less attractive than it first appeared.

Luggage limits

Some airlines will only tell you about extra costs for luggage after you have seen the original price. For the experienced tourist who generally travels light, this may not represent a particular problem, but if you are planning to take a heavy suitcase or two, you may be unpleasantly surprised at the true cost of your seat on the plane. The best advice is to take as little as possible with you, in a bid to keep the costs down.

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In-flight food

This is one area in which the tourist can easily save money, yet it seems to catch so many people out on every flight. If your plane journey is likely to take three hours or more, the chances are you will need some refreshment, but the carrier often charges a small fortune for a sandwich and a bar of chocolate. These same items cost far less at the local supermarket or even at the departure airport, so be sure to stock up before you get on board.

In-flight drink

In most airports, you aren’t allowed to check-in while carrying bottles of water, so there’s no point buying these before you leave home. However, the airside stores at the airport will sell drinks for far less than many of the budget airlines do, so there’s still an opportunity to save some money. On any flights, it’s vitally important that passengers remain hydrated, but there’s no reason whatsoever to pay too much for the privilege. Be sensible, plan ahead and save.

Sensible packing

Most airlines allow each passenger to have one piece of hand luggage, and while it would be selfish to take a huge bag with you, it makes sense to pack as much as you can into a case that’s within the allowable limit. If you’re sensible, you can carry some of the heavier items with you in order to keep within your allocated luggage weight limit.

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