Five Things to Know Before Your Vacation to Mexico

Mexico has many beautiful areas, and it is a popular tourist destination for those looking to get away from the cold. Even though your trip to Mexico is sure to be fun and exciting, understanding a few simple rules can greatly enhance your enjoyment of the country. Besides the recommendation to learn Spanish, most of the following tips are for your general safety while in Mexico.

1. Do Not Let Down Your Guard
Many vacationers, no matter where they are visiting, let down their guard during their trip. Vacations tend to give people a false sense of security, and you may be inclined to ignore basic rules of safety. If you are on vacation, it is important to know that all of the same rules of safety still apply. It is never a good idea to walk alone at night, do not flash your money around unnecessarily, and be sure your wallet is in a buttoned or deep pocket.

2. Do Not Drink the Water
Although the legend of Montezuma’s revenge may be a myth, the results of drinking water from the taps in Mexico are not. Most Americans and Europeans suffer from gastric distress after drinking the water, and such a condition will surely dampen your spirits at a time when you should be enjoying yourself. Only drink water from a tap that is clearly labeled as purified. Otherwise, you should only drink purified bottled water, which is available at your hotel and from vendors on nearly every street corner.

3. Sunblock Is Your Friend
The sun’s rays are more powerful in Mexico because it is closer to the equator. If you forget to put on sunblock, you may suffer from severe sunburn, which will leave you uncomfortable for the rest of your vacation. In Mexico, sunblock is not only for the beach. It should be used whenever going outside because you can still get sunburn on overcast days.

4. Be Aware of Scams
Street crime is common in Mexico, but near resort areas, you must also watch out for scammers. Many scams begin as timeshare presentations with promises of free gifts for attending. Unless you are interested in purchasing a timeshare in Mexico, skip the presentation. The annoyance of high-pressure sales tactics is not worth the gift.

5. Learn Spanish
To get the most out of your vacation, it is recommended that you learn how to speak Spanish. Although English is common in Mexico, you never know when a few words in the native tongue will save you from an uncomfortable situation or unnecessary hassle.

Jill Burbank is an inbound marketer with a love for Mexico. She guest blogs for a variety of online publications. Follow her @JillBurbank2.


  1. Jobelle says:

    Thank you for this information especially about the water in Mexico. Mexico was actually one of those countries I would like to visit someday. Any suggestions for a nice, safe but cheap hotel where I can stay during my vacation? 🙂

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