Day Trips From Orlando, Florida on a Fly and Drive Holiday

One of the best aspects of having your car with you on a fly and drive holiday in Florida is having the ability to travel around the area on a whim. If you are ready to see something new, simply get behind the wheel of your hired car and head to a new destination. Since Orlando is a large city with an impressive international airport, many foreign tourists arrive at this Floridian destination. However, a fly and drive holiday means you have the freedom to travel around the region to new places that strike your fancy. Read on for some great day trip suggestions from Orlando, Florida.

Winter Haven: This incredible destination, less than one hour from Orlando, is relatively unknown among international visitors. However, it offers some great tourism attractions and a more affordable alternative to the hustle and bustle of Orlando. It is also home to several lakes, making it the perfect outdoor recreation location for those who want to go fishing, ride jet skis or try water-skiing. Lessons are available, and so are rentals. Children will want to include a visit to Legoland, a fun park with rides and attractions that feature Lego blocks and some of the more famous Lego characters.

Celebration: This surprisingly utopian town is hard to believe, but it is a real community created by Walt Disney in the 1940s. The town, called Celebration, is located just a few miles from the Walt Disney World Resort. Visitors will be shocked at the perfection of the town, the carefully manicured lawns, the lack of litter or graffiti and the well-behaved children. There are no chain restaurants or stores, and all of the establishments are locally owned and operated. Get around on a Segway or a rented bicycle.

Cocoa Beach: One thing that Orlando is missing, according to many visitors, is a coast. To take a swim in the ocean, travellers will need to head to nearby Cocoa Beach, the closest shoreline to Orlando. Cocoa Beach is justifiably one of the most famous stretches of sand in Florida, and it is especially well known for its surfing opportunities. Try kayaking, surfing, cycling along the shore, sailing, paddle boarding or swimming in the clear blue waters of Cocoa Beach, and be sure to dine in one of the area’s many upscale restaurants and bars at the end of the day.

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Cape Canaveral: The biggest attraction at this destination, less than two hours from Orlando, is the Kennedy Space Centre and Museum. The centre boasts that it has an astronaut speaker every day of the year for visitors to talk to, not to mention impressive space exploration exhibits. Time the trip right to coincide with one of the 20 annual rock launches that take place at Cape Canaveral.

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