Beaches Intimate Towns & Cosmopolitan Discos Mexico Has It All

Mexico is a favorite tourist spot for travelers from the cooler winter climes of Canada, the USA – especially the cold northern states of the Union – come winter blizzards and lastly a haven for European tourists.  Thrifty & economical charter type airfares plus packaged all-in-one vacations certainly push up Mexico as favored travel destination in the hospitality industry marketing mix.  Yet no doubt Mexico has incredible beauty and variety along with “very nice people”.

Mexico Has Two Coastlines With Miles & Miles Of Gorgeous Sand Beaches:

Gorgeous beaches cover not just one solitary coast of the country of Mexico – not simple one solitary area. Depending on the time year – peak season or not, these beaches may be crowded or less so.  Yet even in peak season, with all its throngs of tourists you can walk for miles and miles along the seaside as much as you could possibly wish.  You choices can range from the sand beaches of the Yucatan all the way on the upper opposite end of the country to a most picturesque desert panorama of Baja California.

Mexico Has A Most Diverse And Beautiful Countryside & Peoples:

Yet Mexico is such a diverse country, a medley and mixture of different peoples and cultures affording almost everything to everybody.  The beauty in the Yucatan for example is that beach and coral reef snorkeling lovers are a skip and a jump away to unbelievable scenery they will enjoy in a tour of virgin tropical jungles of which also cover a good many area of the Yucatan area including the State of Quintana Roo.

Cosmopolitan Travels in Major City Areas:

For those wishing a more cosmopolitan “civilized” holiday experience there is no shortage here too.  Cities with ultra modern buildings and elegant restaurants beaming with ambience and excitement are the choice of a good many tourists from North America for their junkets.  Its different strokes for different folks so to speak.  Some wish small town life along the seaside while others want a city experience such as the discos that abound for young people in Cancun.

 Most Travelers In 2012 To Mexico Vow They Will Return No Doubt:

Mexico is simply not one country – but a combination of many.  This visitors and travelers to Mexico are not limited to one sort of holiday or another. It’s a full choice both in terms of the regions, their foods and amenities and lastly the peoples who inhabit them.  If there is one thing that can be said of travel to Mexico in 2012 that most whom come are sad to leave and promise themselves they will yet return next winter again for their winter vacation in the sun.

Colonia lives for the discourse of Mexican history.  Mexican history is so varied and interesting she says – whether its a day trip to the Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza or a discussion on the early Spanish historical record and effect on the local Yucatan inhabitants – their culture and foods.  Always friendly and smiling Silvia best enjoys giving Spanish lessons to visitors and tourists to Puerto Morelos at their accommodations or in the town square “El Centro”  itself. Alternatively Colonia gives English lessons to the “locals” in Puerto Morelos & Cancun who in the tourism and hospitality trade service industries.

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