Atlantic City- The Adult Playground

There is a false belief that after Labor Day passes the Jersey Shore dies down and closes up until the summer months come again, but this is not the case. The Atlantic City casinos continue to have great offerings even in the off-season; the fun doesn’t stop with the warm weather! Knowing what to take advantage of in the fall and winter months will ensure that your off-season Atlantic City trip will give summertime a run for its money.

Concerts, Clubs, Gambling, and More!

The same great things you expect out of a visit to the east coast’s gambling Mecca in the summer is the same thing you can expect in the off-season. Aside from the beach, there are still tons of concerts and events going on at the many casinos and resorts in Atlantic City. Be on the lookout for special holiday events such as Halloween parties and major New Year’s Eve bashes.

In addition to the special events you can also take in the concerts. While the major summer tours may be over, your favorite musicians do not take the winter off; there are still tons of concerts happening in the coming months including such acts as Carrie Underwood, Barry Manilow, Morrissey, and more. The concerts coming to the Atlantic City area are all some of Hollywood’s brightest stars.

Stay the Night—Without the Summer Price

Many Atlantic City casinos offer discounted room rates in the off-season and you should take full advantage of this. Even in the cooler months, there is still so much to do and see beyond the sandy beaches and catching rays. While you are enjoying the many offerings of Atlantic City it is much more financially attainable to stay the night when the rooms are cheaper.

This also gives you more freedom to visit the many bars and clubs because you will not have to worry about driving, Jitney services and other transportation methods in the city still run in the off-season. If you are not staying the night, however, remember to always designate a sober driver if you will be drinking.

Always a Good Time

No matter what you decide to do on your trip to Atlantic City this off-season just remember that the city does not shut down as the last of the summer days tick away. There is still fun to be had and when it comes to Atlantic City, a good time is always just a short drive away.


Mercedes Potter is a New Jersey native with insight on entertainment in one of Jersey’s hotspots, Atlantic City. Besides the beach, AC has a lot to offer from elegant day activities to festive nightlife events. Follow her @CedesPotter to read other entertainment related posts.

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