The Rock’n’Roller Coaster

New Concept

How typical of Disney’s fabled imagineers to put a whole new spin on the concept of a roller coaster ride. The amazing Rock’n’Roller Coaster can be experienced at Walt Disney World Studios in Florida and Walt Disney Studios, Paris and is a turbo charged race in the dark to the lively sound of rock band Aerosmith.

The Facts

The coaster first opened in Florida in 1999 and the Paris attraction followed in 2002 with the same track layout. The ride features a 0 – 57 miles per hour launch in 2.8 seconds followed by a looped inversion in which guests experience a positive G-force of 4.5. The 1 minute 29 second Vekoma ride also includes two further inversions and a soundtrack played through speakers built into the seats.

The Queue

The Rock’n’Roller Coaster has a pleasant and interesting queue line at both locations once you are inside the building. On entering you are greeted by what looks like a guitar shop or music museum with display cases containing memorabilia and instruments from various rock stars, including costumes signed guitars. After filing past the exhibits you are directed through a turnstile where you encounter the door to a recording studio.

The Story

The storylines for the two versions of the ride are different. In Florida guests are invited into the G-Force recording studios where Aerosmith have just finished a session and are now late to their concert. There is a super-sized stretch limo waiting to rush them to the gig and you are invited along for the ride across Los Angeles at night. In Paris guests visit the Tour de Force studios where they are invited to try out the band’s revolutionary new musical experience the “Soundtracker”. This time the coaster flies through an Aerosmith video set with strobe lighting effects.

The Music

The music for the coaster was specially recorded by Aerosmith and features some new lyrics written for the ride like “love in a Roller Coaster” rather than the original “Love in an Elevator”. Each of the four trains on the ride plays Aerosmith tracks including “Walk This Way” and “Sweat Emotion” through 120 speakers. The varied soundtrack is a blessing for enthusiasts who wish to ride the coaster more than once as it makes each trip a little different.

Hidden Ride

The entrance of the Rock’N’Roller Coaster in both Florida and Paris gives a rather deceptive picture of the proportions of the ride. All that is visible is the rather small building that holds the queue line, station and shop. The much larger structure that houses majority of the ride is hidden from view giving the impression that you are about to experience a simulator or movie not a large scale thrill ride. You can imagine the shock of guests as they are launched at high speed into the darkness having not realised what they were in for!

Great Experience

From start to finish the Rock’n’Roller is an original and fun packed experience for music lovers and coaster fans alike. With typically excellent Disney theming, a novel storyline, plenty of surprises and a very thrill good ride in one package it is truly worth a go!

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