The 10 Craziest Prop Bets Ever Made

Prop bets have long been a poker tradition. They serve to liven up an otherwise dull game and to make the evening’s proceedings much more interesting. The 10 prop bets discussed in this article have become the stuff of poker legend, but all 10 seem to have been verified by multiple sources as actually having happened.

The number 10 bet involves Huck Seed, who was bet over $100K by an opponent that he would not be able to have a score lower than 100 on a golf course located in the desert. He had to do it 4 times in 1 day using just a 5 iron. Huck was able to rise to the challenge. He successfully got the scores under 100 and won the bet.

At number 9, we once again have Huck Seed, who was bet $50K by his good friend Phil Hellmuth that he would not be able to stand in the ocean for eighteen hours with only his head above water. Huck lost this bet, as he got out of the water after only 3 hours.

Number 8 has that man again, Huck Seed. One of his more famous prop bets was when he said he could grow a beard for an entire year. He lost this bet as well. He had to shave so he could attend a funeral.

The number 7 prop bet was a painful experience for Johnny Moss. He was once bet by a man in a bar that Johnny would not be able to knock him out. The people Moss was with gave him 15/1 odds. Moss took his shot, but was unable to knock the guy out. However, he did break his hand.

Number 6 was made by Davis Grey. He bet Howard Lederer, a vegetarian, $10K that he would not eat a cheeseburger. Howard gulped it down, then offered Davis a chance to hold on to his cash. He told Davis to eat a bottle of olives, but Davis refused.

Number 5 is a bet that Amarillo Slim was known to have done many times. He would bet people that they could not bowl a score of over 100 while wearing a blindfold. He would always find someone stupid enough to take the bet.

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The legendary Phil Ivey is at number 4. He once bet Erick Lindgren half a million dollars that he will be able to beat him in a full round of golf within the next 8 years. The match has not taken place as of yet, so we shall see who will come out on top in this one.

John Hennigan is known for his love of big city casinos. So his buddies decided to bet him $100K that he would not be able to stay in Des Moines, Iowa for 6 weeks. Foolishly, Hennigan took the bet. He was gone within 2 days.

Number 2 involves weight loss. Poker legend Doyle Brunson was approached by some gamblers who bet him $100K at 10/1 odds that he could not get his weight below three hundred pounds. Thanks to a couple of weight loss programs, Brunson succeeded in his goal and collected the $1,000,000 in cash. Erick Lindgren and Mike Matusow also made a bet involving weight loss. They bet $20K on which of them would have the greatest weight loss. Lindgren lied to Matusow, telling him that he was done and he had reached his limit. This caused Matusow to cut back his workouts, thinking he had the bet won. Lindgren then passed him and won the bet, 19 pounds to 17.

The number 1 bet is extremely bizarre. Brian Zembic was bet $100K that he would not get 36C breast implants for an entire year. Shockingly, Zembic got the implants and won the bet. Even more shocking is the fact that he chose to not have the implants removed after the bet.

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