Take Your Kids To The Lanes And Have Fun With Them

All across the world, parents face challenges.  It’s a full time job to keep kids safe, healthy, and learning.  It may be an even bigger challenge to keep them entertained, because that is a need that’s pretty much constant.  Family hobbies can be hard to choose, but bowling can simplify things a bit.

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Bowling is Accessible

Many hobbies are thrilling but, frankly, a pain in the posterior.  If you want to go white water rafting, horseback riding, even just camping, it can involve long car trips, weather issues, seasonal limitations, and a host of other factors and problems.  Bowling is always there.  Pretty much every town in America has at least one bowling center, and they are open all year round, through rain and sleet and snow, usually seven days a week.

Bowling is Inexpensive

Family hobbies and outings can be really pricey, but bowling is one of the least expensive outings a family can enjoy.  Much of the equipment is free, and any other equipment you need for bowling is usually cheap.  Of course, prices, discounts, and other factors vary depending upon where you go, but as a rule it’s not very expensive to go bowling, even with a group.

Bowling is For Everyone

Just about anyone can bowl, no matter their age or physical condition, and there are even options like bumper bowling to help out.  I have seen very small kids bowl, no more than two or three years old, and elderly people in their eighties often crush the pins.  That means it’s a hobby that everyone in the family can usually participate in actively.  Even people with disabilities can usually manage to get the ball down the lane with a little bit of help and / or modification.  Furthermore, most bowling centers have other activities too, including video games, pinball, darts, billiards, all depending on the place.  It’s always good to have options, and most bowling centers have them.  If someone doesn’t want to bowl, you will usually be able to find some other fun, safe activity right there under the same roof.

Bowling Can Be Educational

Bowling can even be educational for the kids, depending on how much you want to get into the specifics of it.  Bowling is very scientific, especially in terms of physics, but also in terms of chemistry and engineering, especially with reference to the equipment.  You can relate bowling to physics in terms of ball motion, impact, trajectory, etc.  There is also the concept of engineering in ball construction, core design, concepts of torque, the chemistry and nanotechnology in the coverstock and finish of the ball, and many other factors.  All of this can really help kids to develop a love for science.  You can even talk about the history of the sport, the famous people who bowled, and other historical and cultural factors that can educate the kids and expand their understanding of the interconnectedness of all knowledge.

The author is a teacher and bowler who enjoys introducing people to the sport of bowling.  He has written several articles that cover a range of topics, from finding cheap bowling balls to organizing bowling parties for kids.

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