Reorganizing your Living Room to Attract Good Fortune through Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a Chinese way of mindfully arranging your surroundings by using art and science.  The principle behind Feng shui is that in order to attain correct energy flow or Chi, you should properly arrange a space and correctly position objects.  Feng shui can affect your health and overall wellness, relationships, and prosperity.

In every room in the house or office, the aim is to create an undisturbed pathway for Chi.  Negative Chi should be removed and counteracted.

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Steps on reorganizing your living room based on feng shui

Reorganizing your home based on feng shui entails proper arrangement of furniture, orientation of doors and staircases, organizing layout of rooms, and using the right combination of colors and decorative materials.  Below are some helpful and easy steps:

Step #1 – Set your priorities.
Identify areas that need the most attention.  Determine if the alignment of your doors and staircases does not block positive Chi.  The front door is very important because it is the main entrance into your home.

Step #2 – Get rid of your clutter.
Get rid of unnecessary objects and trash from your home so that you’ll feel lighter and better.

Step #3 – Explore the use of feng shui cures.
Sometimes, you can no longer change the structure of your home.  You don’t need to rebuild your house though.  You can use feng shui cures such as crystals, Buddha statues, mirrors, fountains, artworks, bamboo, and the like.  Find out their purpose and how they can help bring you good luck.

Step #4 – Put emphasis on time.
Feng shui arrangements need to be updated.  Time changes, and so does space and the flow of energy.  In addition, the Chinese greatly believed on the calendar and the effect of certain days on a person’s luck.

Step #5 –  Ask help from feng shui experts.
It won’t hurt if you do more research and consult feng shui experts to further help you improve your living space and attain balance and harmony.

Some tips and reminders

While feng shui will affect your health, relationships, and prosperity, remember that how your life goes is still up to you.  You must work hard to live a balanced and beautiful life.

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