Random Facts You DIDN’T Know About Music

The music industry is one that undergoes change rapidly and at every turn almost, there appear to be new innovations and changes in popular trends and genres. The spread of music is universal and it’s known and loved throughout the world, connecting people and bringing cultures together in a unique and long lasting way. But what about when music first began? Those golden artists that have cemented themselves both in the record books and as legends that forged the way for modern music today are now studied through and through. Did they have odd quirks though? What about that tag line from a specific song, did it originate from a random set of circumstances? We’ve been navigating the web and have found out some great facts and anecdotes that we’ll share below.

The Brits
We do have some unique people here in the UK; for example in 1983 a man from Birmingham set a world record…for disco dancing for 408 hours! If we’re looking at the whole of GB, Ireland currently hold the record for the most Eurovision song contests won and Annie Lennox holds the record as the artist with the largest collection of Brit Awards. We’ve done our bit in the US too as The Beatles still hold the coveted top spot of album sales over there – just a measly 106 million and finally, if you’re looking for obscurity give this one a go, in 2011 an Englishman took his vows and married the love of his life…his Stratocaster guitar.

Historical Facts
Even masterful musicians have their quirks, right the way back through history. Beethoven for example used to dip his head in cold water before he composed and Mozart (we’re not jealous at all of this one…) wrote his first musical piece at the grand old age of 5 years. Moving on to slightly more recent history the first ever pop video was released in 1975, Queen completed the honours and their single Bohemian Rhapsody received rave reviews and we suspect, unrivalled airtime!

Guitar Stats
A good guitar can be costly, but what’s the highest amount anyone’s ever paid for one? Well think big…really big, $959,500 big, as this was the price paid for Eric Clapton’s “Blackie” Stratocaster. Fender, one of the major guitar manufacturers can make over 250,000 guitars in a single year which has been worked out to be around 90,000 strings per day equating to over 20,000 miles of string. You can travel a long way in 20,000 miles – around the entire world in fact.

Other Random Facts
To conclude we’ve got some random musical facts that we thought we’d share. It would seem termites love their heavy metal music, doubling the rate at which they eat wood when they’re exposed to it! Also, Monaco has an interesting musical stat – pro music and apparently anti war, their national orchestra surpasses the size even of their army. Finally, for our last fact we’ve delved into the world of theatre and musical, the iconic song “Memory” from the musical production cats has been played a lot on the radio since it was composed – try over a million times.

So there we have it – random musical facts, just for fun! If you’d like to do something decidedly more useful and actually learn an instrument, you can start learning guitar online with Frethub.


  1. Great post – the disco dancing stat has to be my favourite! 408 hours??? Also the guy that married his guitar…only in the UK!

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