Outdoor Summer Activities You Don’t Want to Miss Next Year

For some people, when summertime arrives, it is time to take it easy. Others, however, choose to plan their summer vacations with family and friends around outdoor activities like white water rafting and skydiving that take full advantage of their surroundings. Here are some exciting activities for your next summer vacation:

Hiking and Biking
There are countless trails and paths in every town. Hiking and biking are very affordable and fun options for any family. There are easy trails that the kids and those in their golden years and the fun is in seeing something new and different. For the more adventurous, there are more difficult, dedicated trails that wander through the deserts and forests of the United States. Just be sure that you are physically prepared and have enough food and water top make the trip.

Rock Climbing
The best way to master your fears is to confront them and rock climbing offers this solution to anyone who suffers from vertigo or acrophobia. The sport is well-regulated and no more dangerous than hiking when practiced with the right instructors and gear. If you are not sure that the sport is for you, try climbing the ultra-safe climbing wall at your local mall or gym.

White Water Rafting
Feel the cold spray of water as you rocket down the path of a raging river. Then, catch your breath as you slowly paddle your way to the next set of rapids. Rafting combines the physical thrills of boating with the natural beauty of the environment. It is, indeed, a wonderful experience for the young and old alike.

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Sky Diving
Admittedly, this sport is not for the faint of heart. Still, there is little on the ground to compare with the feeling of flight when you leave an airplane at 10,000 feet. While skydiving is very safe (first-timers are actually attached to an instructor), it is not appropriate for children or those with heart conditions. For the same thrill on a more affordable budget, try bungee jumping or indoor skydiving over a giant fan.

For those water enthusiasts who find white water rafting to be a little too exciting, the thrill and fun of kayaking is an excellent alternative. Kayaks are easily guided by inexperienced paddlers and can be used on lakes, shores or rivers. Kayak trips run the gamut from paddling around glaciers in Alaska to short, family runs in the local lake. Kayaks are great fun and can be enjoyed by anyone.

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