How to Waterproof Stuff When You Go Camping

Camping is one of the perfect ways of experiencing the great outdoors on a much closer level.  However, there are just some amenities and needs that you just can’t live without even if you’re a true-blue camper.  The need to stay dry when camping isn’t just a comfort issue but is also a health topic as well.  If weather conditions tend to be on the rainy side, you can still enjoy your camping given you learn a few tricks on how you can keep yourself and your stuff safe and dry.

Step 1: Invest in waterproof equipment.

Be sure to purchase quality materials such as tents and other camping supplies so you can get the most service out of these when you need them.  Special bags and carriers help keep your clothes, food, and other items safe and dry even during hiking.  Make sure to check the seams and seals of bags and tents so that moisture doesn’t get in and damage your things.

Step 2: Pack stuff in resealable baggies.

To ensure the safety and dryness of your items, pack them in resealable baggies.  Clothes, food, toiletries, and other items can be stored in different kinds of bags to make it easier to locate each item.  You can also keep dirty clothes separated from the clean clothes by putting them in a separate bag.

Step 3: Bring a tarp.

A tarp is a very important item to bring when you want to go camping.  You can hang it over your tent so that you are protected from the rain.  You can also use the tarp as a ground cover so moisture from the soil won’t seep in to your tent floor.  Tarps can also be used as awnings attached to your trailer or RV so you can still enjoy a small area of the great outdoors even if it’s raining.

Step 4: Stay in an RV.

If you’re not keen on pitching up a tent in the wilderness, then maybe you could purchase or rent a trailer or a camper.  This home on wheels is a very convenient way of enjoying the great outdoors while having the comfort and security of having a safe, dry, and secure place to stay in.

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  1. One key tip for outdoor camping is always have a map of your destination. Do not hesitate to ask your friends or the local natives on which way can be found the closest shelter in case there would be an unexpected rain. Be observant of your surroundings especially the sky. Animals like birds or insects tend to fly away and seek huge trees for shelter when they can sense impending rain. Treat this as a sign to walk faster to get to the next base to be safe and dry.

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