How to Pack for a Camping Trip

Camping is a fun summer activity that gets you out of town and into nature. Whether you need some alone time to think or want to take an eco-friendly, inexpensive family vacation, think about taking a camping trip in the warmer months. Unsure of how to get ready for a camping trip? Here is how to pack.

Sleeping Gear

Even if the forecast predicts perfectly warm temperatures and clear skies, you have to bring sleeping gear on your camping trip. The first essential piece you need is a water proof covering – either a tarp or a tent. Getting rained on in the woods will ruin your trip and put you in a position to get sick. You will also need something to keep you warm at night. Most people use a sleeping bag, but you can also bring blankets for warmer weather. If it is cold, however, a sleeping bag will work the best for keeping you warm all night. An alternative is a camping hammock that can be strung between trees at your campsite.

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For an overnight or weekend camping trip, it is easy to pack clothes. You need, of course, the basics that you would wear if you were at home: comfortable shorts and shirts that are weather appropriate. You should also bring extra pairs of socks, in case it rains, comfortable shoes to wear in the campsite, a fleece jacket, and a hat.


Packing camping food is always a big decision for new campers. If you have a camping stove, your choice is easier. Perishables can be packed in small fabric coolers and divided among camp bags. Dried foods are great choices for camp foods and are easier to pack. Fruits and nuts are also good ideas to pack, as they provide healthy energy on the trail.

Toiletries and other Essentials

Never forget your toiletries, like toothbrush and toothpaste. Also, be sure to pack toilet paper! Other essentials include a map or GPS, some cash, and your ID. Just because you will be gone from civilization briefly, does not mean you should not have these items on you.

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