How to Pack Essential Items for Camping

A well planned camping could be a failure once you forgot some important items at home.  Bringing the necessary camping gear will ensure that you will be comfortable even if you are away from the comforts of your home.  It is important that you carefully shop and pack the things that you will need carefully.  Below is a guide on how to do this.

Step 1:  Make preparations way ahead of schedule.

You have to make preparations a few weeks before your schedule for camping.  In this way, you will still have time to remember things that you should bring.  Also shop for items that are light to carry and foodstuff that won’t easily get spoiled.  Also don’t forget to bring a medicine kit and other stuff that you can use in case of emergency.

Step 2:  Make a checklist of the things that you should bring.

Having forgotten a match or a flashlight during camping can lead to a disastrous experience.  So that you won’t forget these items, you have to make a list of the things that you should bring.  You have to prepare everything, from your clothing to your bedding and tent.  If sight-seeing is part of your agenda, make sure that you have binoculars with you and a map to guide you.

Step 3:  Find a good backpack.

It is important to find a backpack of suitable size for the items you will bring.  It is also best if you find a bag that is waterproof so you don’t have to worry about the stuffed items getting wet.  Make sure that the items you are going to bring don’t weigh too much.  You probably won’t enjoy it if you are going to carry along very heavy items for your camping.

Ensure that you won’t lose the checklist that you have made to make sure that you still have all the things you’ve brought to the campsite.  Also remember that the purpose of camping is to enjoy life outdoors, so might as well leave the unnecessary modern conveniences and just prioritize what’s truly necessary for your camping survival.

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  1. Camping is a fun activity, which could be spoiled by unfortunate mishaps and accidents. Most particularly, people forget to bring compasses and maps, making them vulnerable to getting lost. Some also forget the fact that most camp sites or forests are plagued with mosquitoes and are directly exposed to the harmful rays to the sun. So don’t forget to bring a sunblock, probably one with SPF 5 or more, and mosquito repellent sprays and lotions. And also, do not forget to bring canned goods, just in case that something happens and you find yourself hungry or starved.

  2. Going outdoors is one way to forget stress from work and go outside your comfort zone. Have your closest friends to come along with you and surely it will be a vacation to remember. It is recommended to invest on gadgets that is multi-functional like a camera with built in binoculars to help you catch those perfect sights along the way or a handheld GPS device that will give you a detailed map of your destination and will also help you find a nearest resting place or creek to get water.

  3. tyleracesall says:

    It is essential to make sure that your camping equipments are clean and dirt-free, make sure you bring immaculate camping equipments, from your sleeping bags, mosquito net, pillows and blankets, to your backpack and hiking boots. You need to let your obsessive-compulsive side come out when you’re packing your things before hand to ensure total comfort when you’re already there.
    When you’re planning to go camping it is also equally important to be responsible with the trash that you will have while you’re at the campsite, so see to it that you have your own supply of trash bags with which you can dispose your refuse, it would be unethical to not throw your garbage properly.
    Always arm yourself with hand sanitizer, too, this is important because when we’re outdoors we tend to lay our hands on things we’re not sure if they have some sort of virus.
    And also, try to travel light because campsites have the amenities you need, you can even spot a convenience store if you run out of food or some personal care products.

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