Can Camping Help With A Child’s Development?

Many of us are not too keen on camping for a holiday. We would much prefer to take the family off the Spain for a week or so where we have nice beach and hot sun. However, it is worth taking the kids camping every now and again as it can be great fun and can teach them life lessons which they can then use in adulthood.

One of the key things is that a camping holiday forces everyone to get involved straight from arrival. This means they can start to learn some of the practical skills which many children lack these days. The kids can help with setting up the tent, washing line and even by doing some of the cooking – all of which are useful skills to have and which also give them a sense of responsibility. It can also help you bond with them.


Learning to tidy up and doing their part
At home it’s easy to get into a routine of cleaning up after your kids and the obvious thing is sticking plates in the dishwasher to be forgotten about, but when camping, it’s not as easy and any plates that are dirty need to be hand washed. Even things like taking shoes off before getting in the tent can help. Forgot to do this and you’ll practically sleep in dirt the first night before realising in the morning. That’s the kind of thing you only do once and if kids learn to be more considerate as a consequence, that’s beneficial. Carrying out other tasks might also make them more helpful around the house when you get back home (although of course that cannot be guaranteed).

Improve social skills
Camp sites are full of different types of people. If you’re in the UK, the majority of them will be English speaking so children may find themselves interacting with them and that’s always a good thing, building social skills for later in life.

Cope with change
Camping is a bit of a change for most children. It may involve daft things like sleeping on a floor, limited provisions and things like that, but coping with them makes kids more adaptable.

These are just a few of the benefits. The main ones are that the kids will have just as much fun as on an overseas holiday while it’s a damn sight cheaper. Maybe we should all do a week away with the kids each year. Who knows – they might learn something.

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