Camping – Get Stuffed!

It’s a guess that any adult that’s taken a child camping has faced their fair share of tears and tantrums. Imagine taking a group of them. The activity of camping is probably not that bad, it’s when it comes to going home that the problems start.
Unfortunately, the day you get to go home and finally get some rest is usually the most stressful. Whether you have gone away as a family or you’re helping out at a Brownie or scout camp, it’s always the same. When the kids don’t usually get away from home and they’ve had more exercise than they’ve had in their lives over a three day period they’ll be totally worn out. This means that when you say it’s time to pack up, they don’t want to cooperate. They’d much rather sit down and watch everyone else do the work.


Most adults accept this problem; they come to accept that this as a cost of introducing some kids to something outside their norm and hoping that experiencing new activities and seeing new places would only serve them well in later life. This is not the case. Part of the camping experience, especially for children, is realisation. It is the realisation that sometimes everyone has to help, everyone has to pull together to get things done, including the kids when it comes to setting up and dismantling a camp.
At the least, they should be able to pack up their own things and their sleeping bag – although that could possibly be classed as one of the more difficult tasks. This is one of the best ideas, the kids stay quiet and you can get on with packing everything else back into the car(s).
There’s always at least one child that not only refuses to help but even putting their sleeping bag away is too much for them. Well, quite honestly, even asking them to put the sleeping bag away is too much; that statement brings horror to their minds and sends them into a downfall of uncontrollable tears and tantrums. In the end it is usually easier for you to help them.
That same child – when they’ve calmed down – is usually the same one who’s sleeping bag doesn’t fit. Even after countless demonstrations. Everyone is standing, ready to go and theirs doesn’t fit. Of course it does, they are just that child.
Believe it or not, it will usually be that child that will grow up to love camping and encourage their own children to take up Brownies or Scouts just so that they can gain the camping experience, as well as taking them on an annual camping trip with the family.

This blog post was written by Jake Marsh for, specialist suppliers of camping equipment.

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