Top 10 Favorite Driving Games

Video game developers have graced our consoles with quality driving games for years. It goes without saying that some of these offerings have become some of the most addictive games ever created! There’s something about grabbing the wheel or controller with a few friends and racing, or enjoying an excellent solo experience in which the game takes you through a variety of maps, streets and levels while driving at high speeds.
The following are games that make the cut to be considered the top 10 best driving games that have been released. All are worthy of ownership from any console owner, no matter your preference.
Mario Kart 64
This entry put Nintendo 64 on the map and improved on an already excellent game that was released on Super Nintendo. Console owners hold this game in high acclaim because it was one of the first to feature 3D driving while providing hours of gameplay and an excellent multiplayer experience. Users compete on a variety of tracks not only to race, but to use numerous projectiles and other objects that can be used as weapons against other racers. Plus it features the best characters from over a decade of Mario games. Four players can connect and go at it for hours. What’s not to like?
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit
This game packs a huge amount of features that make you feel like you likely got away with getting a lot of game for a little bit of money. If you’re tired of playing solo, you can compete seamlessly online against other virtual drivers and easily lose track of time. This is easily one of the best driving games ever created.
Forza Motorsport 4
This game improved upon the features of the third offering tenfold. The career mode is expansive and the smooth driving and controls have helped set the standard for racing games.
DiRT 3
Codemasters seriously took driving games to the next level with this game, as few have come close to the intense racing experience offered by DiRT 3. Outside of the clean layouts and controls, these are some of the best tracks created on any driving game.

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Shift 2: Unleashed
This game has a great arcade feel. Instead of focusing on intense realism, this game thrives by creating a fun experience that allows gamers to sit back and actively enjoy the ride.
Grand Theft Auto 3
This game revolutionized driving games and gameplay in general. The console world was never the same after drivers in this game got the chance to participate in such a vast, inclusive world created by Rockstar games. While driving isn’t the only focus of this title, it should be heralded for the impact it has had on the driving game landscape that hasn’t been the same since.
While often overshadowed by other titles, this Playstation game set the tone for Grand Theft Auto and the many copycats that came after it. You assume the role of a criminal going on a variety of missions, while speeding your way through an interactive city and moving your way up the ranks. It’s truly an originator and should never be discounted or overlooked.
This is a combat racing title that is cinematic and adds a more realistic twist on gameplay originally created by Mario Kart. You’ll be in for an intense, collision filled driving experience while using various items to knock out your opponents.
Gran Turismo 5
This is an incredible offering for this heralded driving game franchise. Drivers get the chance to drive a variety of luxury and race cars in a beautifully polished set of landscapes, tracks and backgrounds.
ModNation Racers
This racing game is noted for its vast customization ability. Drivers have the ability to tweak their ride in painstaking detail, while editing tracks and a variety of other features.

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