How to Make Profit Just by Playing Wind Slayer

MapleStory fans can find this new MMOPRG a familiar yet exciting game to play.  Wind Slayer features the same 2D setting with characters that are cute, spritely, and fairy-like that it feels like playing Maple Story all over again.  However, the similarities end there as there’s more to the game WindSlayer than just fuzzy peaches and poop monsters to conquer.  WindSlayer allows players to engage in PvP team battles, or up to eight members, ganging up against another team in a special arena.  This gives them enough Vickies or WindSlayer currency to proceed to the other levels of the game.  Though WindSlayer is basically what gamers term as a typical hack and slash game, earning vickies and other items is important so you could advance to the next levels.  Here is a step-by-step guide on how you could earn enough vickies and profit form playing WindSlayer.

Step #1: Get your training.

All players undergo a ten-level training stage as novices before they are entitled to any class or money.  These quests not only certify that players gain enough experience but also enough items and vickies to buy their way to whatever class of character they want.

Step #2: Once you get your class, don’t sell your items right away.

Even if you got a class that you don’t really like, don’t dispose of your items right away to gain vickies so you can buy your way to your desired class.  Keep them as there will be quests that will require some of the items that you have.  Earn vickies through completing the quests with the items and buy your way to your desired class.

Step #3: Sell ingame and sell outside of the game.

There are two ways to be an entrepreneur in this game.  One is by selling some of your wares to other players who need these for their quests, thereby earning you more vickies.  If you’ve amassed a lot of vickies, you can then advance through the levels faster.  However, if you want to be enterprising even in the real world, then sell your vickies to other players for real cash.  You can advertise your vicky account individually or you can sign up with a website that sells ingame gold points or credits to players.

Though some gamers find WindSlayer to be a tedious yet boring MMORPG to play, there are those who find it exciting and entertaining enough to buy vickies from other players.  If the game itself doesn’t motivate you, at least let the prospect of earning big drives you to earn more vickies.

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  1. WindSlayer is a 2-d Side scrolling game like that Mario and Donkey Kong Games you used to play as a Kid. Plus better graphics, classes to choose from and more weapons to whack your enemies with. Graphic-wise, it looks like Grand Chase, only that Grand Chase definitely looks better and offers a wider range of classes and expansion classes. Yet, some people still find this quite peculiar game to be entertaining and will shell out tons of cash just to climb the ranking ladders as fast as Possible. So how to earn money? Aside from those stated above, you can also decide to make dummy accounts and sell them to newbies. This can take a while and huge effort, but think about it, you can sell the equipments and other times in the account for real-life cash and once you’re done with that, you can abandon the account and sell it a reasonable yet affordable price. Ain’t that nice?

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