How to Make Profit from Playing Dungeons & Dragons Online

Since the 1970s, Dungeons and Dragons has been one of the most famous computer games played by mankind.  Your parents enjoyed it, and your older brothers probably have as well.  Now, you can join in on the fun as D&D crosses over to the Interweb in a new and more sophisticated version – Dungeons and Dragons Online or DDO.  DDO is basically a massively multi-player online role-playing game that allows players to create characters to compete and travel through the realm of Eberron.  Typical of most MMORPG’s, in order to advance to the next level and finish the game, players need to complete quests and battle with other characters.  DDO also has a monetary aspect that assists greatly in advancing to the next levels through platinum currency and other valuable items.  Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can make a profit playing DDO.

Step #1 – Participate in quests and dungeon runs.

One of the easiest ways to rake in plats in DDO is to participate in quests and
scavenges.  Players are led on an a treasure hunt-like adventure where at the end of the challenge, one can be rewarded with an item or more plats.  Quests are arranged by character level, difficulty, and duration.  Quests are supervised by Dungeon Masters, whom players have to interacet with in order to collect the reward once they finish the challenge.

Step #2 – Pick up spoils.

In battles and skirmishes, players often drop items of value.  Weapons, armor, and even potions that can be salvaged can be used to complete one’s arsenal so players don’t have to deplete their sources.  If players don’t have any uses for these items, they can just sell or barter these to other characters who need them.  Items of high value are often those that can be used in healing or amping life levels and weapons.

Step #3 – Buy plat accounts.

If you want to progress faster but don’t have the time or the patience to earn points the usual way, you can purchase plat accounts from those who sell them.  There are individual sellers who hawk their plat accounts individually, and there are plat accounts that are sold through websites.  Websites often offer lower rates so buyers can get more value for their money.  Though the makers of this game are against this practice, a lot of people are buying and selling DDO plat and gold accounts.

If you wish to make real money, you can improve your plat and gold accounts and sell these online.  When buying and selling DDO accounts, make sure to sell them legitimately through reliable websites.

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